Getting things ready

My sister gave birth today.  She will give birth via C-Section, so we already know when will the baby arrives.  While waiting for the grand arrival of our little princess, I started getting things ready for her.  I washed the old baby clothes my niece will be wearing, also the new clothes she bought since she will be having a baby girl.  oh yeah, the sister will have baby girl and she is the happiest mom in the world.  Answered prayer so to speak.  She has been praying to have a baby girl since she already have two sons.

Back to the preparation I did, I am done preparing the babies personal things two months before her arrival.  Yes, that is how excited I am.haha!  In fact I am becoming impatient for the niece’s arrival.  Oh, by the way her name is Allysa Lianne.  Sweet name, isn’t it?  Anyways, today the long wait is over because baby Lianne is finally arrives.  And she will be home in three days.  So, I am making the final preparation this morning.  I washed the comforter baby Lianne will be using, and the mosquito net.  The house is so ready for Lianne.  Hope that the sister will regain strength fast and baby Lianne will be released from the nursery room so we can go home and enjoy watching Lianne and touch her finally.

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