Last Minute Shopping

Because I do not like to shop in a very crowded mall or department store, I decided to buy personal things for myself.  I bought pants, dresses, shoes and shirt.  That is all I need for I have enough clothes in my closet.  I bought the clothes that I will be wearing on different Christmas party that I will be attending.  I refrain myself my buying too much because I opted to save than to spend.  It is good to save some for the rainy days.  I did went to mall accompanying my nieces, nephews, and sister who are doing the shopping.  I have seen lots of items with a huge discount.  I admit I got tempted to buy but thanks goodness I am able to control.

However, on the last day of the year 2016 I did not able to control myself.  It was a last minute shopping because I am looking for a color green dress or t shirt for it the color of the year.  It was never a planned.  My SIL just told me to bring her kids to the mall for she will buy green t-shirts for them.  While waiting for them I am doing window shopping too. I am surprised because I end up buying some clothes for myself.  I am being an impulsive buyer again.  So sorry!  But I did not regret it because I am contented and happy of the result of our last minute shopping.

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