Reopening the store very soon

I have mentioned in my other post that I will be putting up a new business this year.  It would be nice to have another income aside from blogging.  Blogging has been very slow for me that is why I decided to venture into business.  I have a small store before but it did not last that long.  I have talked to my sister and my father about my plans because I want to do a partnership with them.  After series of talking, we come up with the decision and decided to reopen our store.  Another risk that we have to take and I pray that this will succeed and will last longer that I expected.

Reopening our store is a big decision to make for me knowing that there are lots of small store in our village.  There are lots of competition.  The reason our store before did not last longer.  But at least this time we thought of different items and products from what other stores are selling.  I am still thinking of possible items and products that are saleable.  Products that are basic needs of the people.  I pray to God that this business will succeed and become profitable.  I will still do blogging because it is my first love and I love doing it.  Wish me/us luck!

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