3 Days Sale at the Mall

Because it is Labor Day (Holiday), malls are offering the various sale on almost all items.  This is to make the shoppers go wild.haha!  This is not good for it will ruin your budget but this is not new to us shoppers.  Even though it ruins our budget, we still do it thinking that we can save compared to buying it at regular price.  grabbed this opportunity because We always do grab this kind of opportunity to get the items that we want with huge discounts.  Some shoppers are waiting for this opportunity to come.  And I am guilty of that.

This afternoon, I will be going to the mall with my sister to grab this 3 days sale.  She has the items on her list already.  Hopefully, all items are on sale.  Shopping with my sister will consume time, I will just enjoy myself doing the window shopping like I always do.  When I see something interesting and nice, that’s where my window shopping plan changed.  But with my sister around, it would be a long discussion for she does not want me to buy using my eyes only.  She said, if I really need it then I will, if not, I’ll pass.  Good Luck to me later.

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