Coconut shampoo for my brittle hair

I have been using different brands of shampoo for my thin, brittle hair and hair fall issue.  Still have found the right shampoo for my hair.  I have tried the suggested shampoo of some friends and from the lady does hair rebonding at the salon.  And, tried herbal shampoo too.  I am a bit frustrated at times, but opted not to think too much about it.  I just told myself that I am still blessed.  I am so worried of the severe hair fall and brittle hair.  My nieces told me that my hair is too thin.  My sister told me to cut my hair, but I do not like short hair.  I find it difficult to fix short hair.  Also, if I cut it short, I might look bald.haha!

Anyways, the other day a neighbor approaches me and offered me her coconut herbal shampoo.  She told me that it is best for my brittle and thin hair.  It will also, help prevent hair fall.  I almost bought one on that day but changed my mind after asking if she has tried her product.  My hair is my crowning glory even if it is not that beautiful, I should be careful of what product I am using especially if it is new to me.  I have learned my lesson from buying product over the counter because of the bad experienced.  And I do not want to happen again.  Hopefully, that product will work for her so I can try it for my hair as well.

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