Borrowed the wedding gown of my friend

The brother is getting married soon.  He asked me of where to rent a wedding gown for his bride.  I plan to look for a wedding gown or full wedding entourage in boutiques and dress shops but don’t have time yet.  I already asked the brother of his budget so I know where to go and what to pick, also asked him of their wedding motif.  The sister’s bride suggested to just buy a made to order wedding gown, but I think it will cost them a bit.  They are on a tight budget and buying new wedding gown is not a good idea.

I wanted to help so I called a friend of mine if we can borrow her wedding gown.  The wedding gown that my older sister borrowed on her wedding day.  I am so happy that she said yes.  I told the brother right after my friend responded to me.  I told the brother that the wedding gown is the one worn by the sister on her wedding day.  So, they will be wearing the same wedding gown.  My older sister is found with my suggestion too.  Fortunately, they have the same body built.  We just have to bring it to the laundry shop to have to dry clean.  I will still look for gowns in boutiques and dress shops for the bride’s maid, maid of honor, groom’s men and groom.  Hopefully, all will get ready for the brother and sister-in-law’s wedding.

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