Be responsible when applying for home credit loan

I went to the mall a week ago to accompany my father buying his new phone.  At the store, there are lots of offer in buying the new phone.  You can buy it is cash, using the credit card and the so-called home credit.  It is my first time to hear about home credit, and my first time to hear this mode of payment.  It is nice though especially when you do not have the credit card.  You just need to have two valid id’s and pay the down payment on the phone you want to buy.  The remaining amount is payable in 6 to 9 months.  I must say I am tempted to get the phone that I like but I have my priorities.

This home credit is a temptation to people.  It is up to you if you want to grab it or stay with your priorities.  The home credit payment will be made by the participating money transfer agency or payment center.  It is nice though because if you are out of a budget, you can easily buy a phone.  But of course, you must know your responsibility when getting a home credit loan.  And you should know if you can pay the monthly obligation before applying home credit loan to avoid problems in the future.  As of now, I am still thinking if I am going to buy the phone that I like or have new washing machine instead.

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