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Back to normal

The worse thing that could happen to bloggers like me is that when your blogs/websites are parked or cannot be found for some reason and you were not able to save back-ups. Argsh!  This was what happened to my blogs/websites a week ago.  There are some issues with the hosting and my blogs are parked.  My worries are if my host will be able to retrieve my files, the theme of my blog, the paid articles, the advertisers (what if they want the refund because their link is missing) and all the articles I wrote ever since I started blogging.  My blogs/websites are eight (8) years ago, and I have plenty of articles already.  But I trusted my host and just waiting for her to contact me and give me the xml files of my blogs.  Though, it would be very difficult to give up my themes for it is a personalized theme and I paid for it, I do not care anymore, all I care is my articles.

After days of waiting, I finally I have the copy of my xml files.  I saved it and will be waiting for the new host and then will set up again my blogs under the new host.  It is tiring setting up again my blogs, to make it look good so it will be pleasing to look at to my reader, visitors, and advertisers but it is fun.  It brings back the time when I was just started blogging and setting up my blogs.  I am happy that I can get the files of my themes, however, two of my themes are not working.  I am a bit sad, but with the help of my kind and generous friends online, (Ma Belle and Ryanne), my themes are now okay.  My worries are all gone because my blogs are back to normal now.  Lesson learned, always save xml files/back up of your blogs for future needs. 

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Finally found the time to sit down and update my blogs

I became so busy during the holiday season up to now.  I do not have the time to sit down and update my blogs.  I am so guilty seeing the status of my blogs.  I have to double time working on the pagerank, alexa rank and blog post updates.  Because of the house renovation, and taking care of the kids, I get so tired and instead of sitting down and update my blogs, I opted to rest and sleep because I am so drained.  I am so glad now that I got the time to update my blogs.

I plan to stay up late today do some update on my blogs.  Sad to say, I do not have the idea of what to write.  I just wrote what I have in mind at this very moment.  I have done updating my four other blogs.  I feel relieved.  This post is my last update for today.  Since I do not know what to write in here, I decided to write this kind of post.  I am sharing what keeps me busy and how I am able to write this kind of post.  In fact I am smiling of this post because I feel like I am talking to someone.  I am sharing my thoughts to someone.  This is what I like about blogging, I can share it here what I have in mind and what I wanted to say that I cannot share it to someone.  Enough for today because I feel the need to lay down and sleep.  Time check, 1 :00 in the morning time to sleep!

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Guilty as charge

My deepest sorry to this baby of mine for not feeding you with new articles.  I have been busy with my offline world and no time to come online.  And when I do, I do not know what to write.  My mind is not working very well because I am fully occupied.  I have lots of things in my mind that I do not know when to start and how to start.  Also, my laziness is attacking me.  I do not have the urge to write anymore because of my slow signal.  Plus my internet connection was cut off for two days even if I already paid my bill.  My internet provider is mean to me.

I felt to guilty for not doing my job updating this baby/blog of mine.  I set my mind tonight to update my blogs.  I must admit it is very difficult because I do not have any idea in my mind.  Made me think that I should give up and stop blogging but thinking of giving up my first love, which is to write is difficult.  Since I do not have anything to share to this blog, this is the best article that I could share here.  I hope that I will be able to write more interesting topic to write so my readers would love to come back and read my updates.  Again, my deepest sorry.  I promise I won’t be lazy to update this blog.

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The New Me

Are you confused? Oh no, don’t be because you are not redirected to different blog site.  You are not lost either.  I just have the new look.  Finally, I am dressed up beautifully.  After more than a year, my owner decided to change my look.  This is the new me.  Like it?  I hope you do because I do like the new me very much.  Woohoo!

Anyways, this theme was made by my favorite layout artist Rhyanne.  I joined on her giveaway and luckily I am one of the lucky winners.  My lucky charm is still here I must say. I have thought of changing the theme/layout of this blog but does not have the extra yet.  But when Rhyanne invited me to join on her giveaway and saw that she will be giving away free theme for the lucky winners, I give it a try hoping that I will be one of the lucky winners.  Lucky enough because I got picked as one of the winners.

Thanks Rhyanne for this beautiful theme.

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Earning by doing what you love

The first thing that comes into my mind the first time I heard about blogging is computer and internet.  I do not have any idea of what it takes to be a blogger until a friend of mine shared to me her knowledge about blogging.   I started it as a hobby since I like to write.  But later on as I spend too much facing the computer and learning many things about blogging and the works of a blogger, I have learned that I can make money by doing the things that I like which is to write.  It is true that we can get lots of opportunities by doing blogging.  It is like doing what we love and earning at the same time.

I have been in the blogosphere for two years now and meeting other bloggers too.  Being a blogger gives me so many things not like earning money, but by gaining more friends and widen my knowledge by reading different articles in the  websites.  I also learned many things by reading different articles that other bloggers has posted in their website.  I am enjoying it so much because I am able to buy the things that I want from the money that I earned.  In blogosphere, blogger do share different ways to earn money online and I am so thankful that they are so kind to share it to others.  I am loving it and for sure will be doing it for as long because I am earning by doing what I love.


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