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The teacher can’t do it alone

One of the jobs of being a teacher is checking test papers.  It is a never-ending job of a teacher I must say.  I can say this because the sister who is a teacher always find checking the test papers a difficult and frustrating job especially when the students did not follow instructions and did not able to give the right answer/s.  My sister indeed sad after seeing the scores of her students.  She is frustrated because only few passed the tests.  Somehow she blamed herself telling that she is not able to make them understand the lessons well.  But I have to comfort her by saying, she did a good job just that the students are not studying their lessons and maybe the parents did not make any follow-up when their kid/s got home from school.

Teachers are doing their job to teach their students (parents kids).  They put their voice at stake to make the students hear them well to understand the lessons.  However, these lessons will not sink on the kids mind 100% because their mind is playful.  That’s where the part of the parents came in.  Parents should do follow up when their children got home from school.  This is to make sure the kids will not forget the lessons they just have learned from school.  However, some parents are lazy to do that and some will not do that because of the thought that, the teacher can do it.  No the teacher can’t do it alone.  The teacher is in-charge at school, but the parents are in charge at home.  The parents should do their part to help their kids study their lessons at home.

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Took removal examination

The niece had just their first periodical examination last week.  The results were good except for one subject.  Yes, she gets a very low score.  I guess the niece did not study her well on that particular subject.  Lessons learned to her because her father is so angry seeing the result.  She did not give time to study the subject she failed because she told me that it is easy and no need for her to study.  Too much confidence but lacking in study resulting to failure.  Although the niece is smiling, I can tell by looking at her eyes that she is sad because she failed on her first periodical examination on that subject.

Out of 46 students, only three gets a high score and passed the examination.  Because of the disappointing result, their teacher decided to take removal examination.  They are given second chance by their teacher, the chance that the niece should pay attention and study her lesson well to get higher score.  The niece did study her lesson the night before the removal examination for if she fails again, her father will not allow her to play anymore.  Harsh, isn’t it?  Well, this is the best motivation that her father uses for her to study more than play.  Good luck to my niece.  Break a leg.

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Home Schooling

We have been teaching the nephew in counting numbers and memorizing the alphabet last year so he is ready for the next school year.  It is because we are thinking of enrolling him to nursery class this year. But we are not able to enroll him because the morning season class is already closed.  We thought of enrolling him to afternoon session but decided not too because the nephew needs to take his afternoon nap.  We know schooling is important that the afternoon nap, but the nephew really needs it since he is only three years old.  We will just enroll him next year.

Since the nephew did not able to enroll in nursery class, we opted to continue teaching him at home.  He will learning basics at home and I and his parents will be his teachers.  Awesome, because he will be having three teachers to teach him counting numbers, memorizing the alphabet, recognizing shapes and colors.  The home will be the nephew’s school this year.  It was very hard teaching him because we have to think of strategies to get the nephew’s attention.  We have tried different strategies and thankful that the nephew listened.  He now knows how to count numbers from 1-10, reciting the alphabet and recognizing colors.  Our next lesson would be recognizing shapes.  Soon the nephew will be so ready to go to school for real.

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Reading my accounting book

I suddenly got bored on this gloomy day.  So, I went to my old books and seeing it even if I do not know what I would do with it.  I just need to keep myself and mind busy to get rid of the boredom.  While looking at my books, I just thought of reading my accounting books.  Gosh I missed studying very much.  But I do not have any plans of going back to school though.  I just missed the times where I am so busy studying, computing, memorizing and be with my friends.  My goodness, I am so bored so to speak.  I so wish my friends are near so I can visit them every time I miss them.

Anyways, I ended up reading and looking at my old accounting book.  I smiled looking at it because it brings back the memory when I am so frustrated in computing the balance sheet and income statement.  It was a nightmare so to speak.  But a good experienced though for it tested my patience and endurance.  Reading the accounting book makes me asked myself, why I did not able to use the course that I have finished?  It would have been different if I work in the office, meeting new friends, people and being busy.  I like my job now though, no pressure for I managed my own time.  I can work anytime, anywhere and whenever I want, no one to boss me around because I am my own boss.  Though I get bored sometimes, I love my job now.

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Second course

I was employed in several companies before doing office works, but I did not last long.  It is because I am not happy with the job I had and the environment.  I don’t understand why people around me don’t treat me well.  I was thinking maybe something is wrong with me.  As far as I know, I am trying to be good to them and treat them well because I want to be treated the same.  However, I didn’t feel that I am welcome that is why I am leaving the previous jobs that I had.

I talked to the sister about and she told me take education course instead.  I just have to earn more units to be able to take the examination for teachers.  I have thought about it, being a teacher for me means big responsibilities and I do not think I will be able to go that far.  I admit that I don’t have the confidence to take second course.  To me, going back to school is another stage in life that I have to take and passed but I do not have the determination.  I refused the sister’s offer to take second course.  I feel sad about it; however, I do not think I will be able to finish it.  I do not have any regrets in my decision, but going back, I have lots of ‘what ifs’ that is running on my mind.  It’s never too late though, maybe one of these days, I will take the sister’s offer but not too soon.

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