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Guess I have to buy cage for my dog

My three months old niece, four years old and six years old is suffering from a cough.  We tried to self-medicate it.  We bought medicine over the counter and start the medication.  However, there are no signs of improvement after two weeks of medication.  We then decided to bring the kids to the doctor for proper treatment.  We know that self-medication is not right, but when you are out of budget you tried to try your luck.  Unfortunately, it did not work.  We still brought the kids to the doctor.  We end up spending double because we will buy other medicines for a cough.

Another reason for the kid’s a severe cough is from our dog.   In other words, no dog/s are allowed at home.  I do not know what I am going to do.  Just thinking of getting rid of my dog makes me feel so sad.  I thought of asking a favor from a friend if I could put my dog under her care for the time being.  I will get the dog back when the kids are getting better.  If not, I will buy a cage for my dog and put him at the back of our house.  I am really confused about what I am going to do.  But the kids’ health should come first.

Can you tell me of the best way to keep my dog away from the kids?

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Will buy them raincoat this time

Because of the southwest monsoon and low pressure area the country is experiencing lots of rain and gloomy weather. This season is considered a rainy season in the country. With this kind of weather, it is best to always bring our umbrella, raincoat and boots to keep our feet dry. Since I am always at home and I seldom go out, I do not need these rainy season stuffs that much. When it is rainy I just stay at home and listening to the sound of the rain that pours on our roof. I worry about the kids who go to school without umbrella, raincoat or boots.

They have umbrella last year but they lost it in the middle of school year. Their parents do not want to buy them umbrella anymore because they have lost 4 umbrellas already. Since they have lost 4 umbrellas already, it would be best to buy them raincoat this time. It is less hassle because they can fold it and put it inside their bag, plus it is not heavy compared to the umbrella. The kids’ healths are very important and so I have to persuade their parents to buy them raincoat.  Will also remind the kids to take good care of their things carefully.

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Future or Lovelife?

This is the question that a friend wanted me to answer her when I open my computer.  She is in the midst of thinking what would be the best decision to make in her life and the same question that her long time boyfriend wants to hear from her.  Simple question yet takes a lot of thinking because it is a decision that when you make it, it is forever and no turning back.  I felt her confused mind because of what her boyfriend wanted to happen.  She has a plan to help and support her family while the opportunity of working abroad is still there.  This opportunity allows her to give more help to her family.

To be asked by a friend to give an advice is an honor but it gives me a lot of thinking of what would be the best advice to give to her.  It is not easy I must say because I do not want to be blame if ever she takes my advice. Whew!  Giving advice is not new to me since I have been asked many times by friends who seek an advice.  But her questions give a little pressure to me for it is like a matter of life and death.  I give what she needed to hear I guess, and she agreed about it.  I wish her all the best because at the end of the day, it is her decision that really matters.


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For Emergency Purposes

Every time I heard about getting a card, I immediately say a big NO.  It is because I am afraid that I’ll be drowning in debt.  I know it has something to do with discipline but I am still scared that I will lost control and will use it over and over again even for not sensible things.  I never dream of having my own credit card until just recently.

I am in the middle of thinking to get my own credit card but for emergency purposes only.  Just recently, the family is facing bit problems in the house expenses.  I really wanted to help but I am running out of money.  They money that I am expecting is not yet come.  Makes me sad and I told myself if I have credit card I can use it right there and then.  I think this is the best time for me to get my own credit card.  But I have to be a responsible card holder and should know my limitation for me to not be on the dangerous situation.

I will get credit card strictly for emergency purposes only.  This would be it and nothing more.

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Chained letter

I started receiving chained letter back when I was in high school.  I am forced to accept it because they said if I don’t bad luck will come in my way.  Even though I don’t believe in what they said, I still accept it but put it on our altar.  I do not have time to make 25 of the same letter and pass it to the people I know.

Nowadays, I don’t see nor receive handed chained letter because chained letter passes through sending message on phone and online.  Yes, chained letter also evolved because sender uses the technology we have right now to pass chained letter.  Same as before, it says if you follow you will receive good luck and if not bad luck will come.   Whether it is true or not, I won’t follow any of the instructions because I only believed in God.  Because only God knows what is in store for us in the future.

To my readers and visitors, if by chance you received a chained letter would you like to do the instructions or not?  Do you believe in the bad luck and good luck of chained letter?

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