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She gives justice to the dress

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Finally, the Philippines representative in the recently concluded Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 wins the title.  Yes, Maureen Wroblewitz remains victorious after weeks of hardships and trials of photo shoot and pictorials.  I was not able to see all the episodes weekly but I make sure that I will not miss the remaining weeks before the final.  The Philippines bet Maureen is not the frontrunner and considered to be the unexpected candidate.  She rises at the time that she needed it the most.  She proves to everybody that she deserves to be there and she has something to show off.  The photos that she won tells that I want this and I will win this.

Anyways, on the finale night, I make sure that I will not miss it for I really felt that Philippines bet will win the captivating Asia’s Next Top Model title.  Indeed, Maureen became victorious. She stood up on the runway and nailed the last photo shoot.  I must say that she really gives justice to the dresses that she wore that night.  And the last photo shoot was amazing.  The photo tells that I am the Asia’s Next Top Model and I am the queen.  After years of being the runners-up now is the time for the Philippines to have the title.  And Maureen gives it to us all.  Congratulations to Maureen!

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The project runway show

It is my dream to become a fashion designer.  To create/make clothes for my family, love ones, friends, and people.  During my leisure time, I like to sketch gowns, casual wear, tops, pants and the likes.  Every time I saw interesting dress, I like to make my own version.  I really feel the passion in me to make and create dresses.  It would have been great if I am able to study the course that I really like but not able to.  I sometimes alter the clothes that I have, do some changes to have it new look.  I smiled when the outcome is nice.  I really like doing this stuff.

Watching project runway show on television, makes me happy.  Seeing those designers showing their awesome designs and craft, ignite the passion in me to create own clothes/dresses.  But since it is impossible to make it come true, I am satisfied to just watch the show because I get ideas, information, techniques and creativity.  This project runway show is a perfect show for me, it is like I am attending class because of the ideas and techniques from the designers.  Who knows this dream of mine will come true in the future.  I am still closing my fingers to this dream of mine.  If not as a fashion designer, at least to make/create clothes for my family.

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Cars: The nephew’s favorite movie to watch

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The sister bought several dvd  disc for her son to watch when he gets bored playing with his toys.  After watching twice the nephew, it has becomes his favorite.  He is watching it like 10 times a day.  Yes, this is how the nephew addicted to this movie.  And McQueen is his favorite.  The nephew starts and ends his day watching this movie.  The worse is that, the nephew wants me to sit beside him while he is watching the movie.  arghs!  I do not have a choice because he cries when I don’t sit beside him.  Oh well, kids are kids.

Watching the same movie many times in a day makes me sick.  It would be better if the movie is love story. haha!  Which is impossible.  I blamed the sister for buying this  dvd disc.  Bad me, eh?  I do like this movie but watching this more than twice in a day is a different story.  Even if this movie makes me sick, there i still an advantage.  Because of this movie, the kids don’t go outside much.  They prefer to stay at home and watch this movie.  Which is a good thing.

What about you? What movie does your kids loves to watch?

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Shakespeare movies fanatic

It was really my sister who influenced me to like the movies of Shakespeare.  She is a Shakespeare movies fanatic.  To her it is a worth to watch movies because of the settings of the story and the story itself.  Every weekend, the sister never miss to rent CD for us to watch.  In a way it is our way of unwinding from the busy life at school.  At first I didn’t like the settings because it is too old but eventually I get to like it.  I like their fabulous dresses and the place where it shoot.  It is like I came back from the time when my parents were young.  One of my all time favorite is the story of Romeo and Juliet.  Their love for each other and the conflicts of their family brought them to death.  Sad story but there is a bit reality in it.

Anyway, I am saying this because it brings back the memory after I saw this romeo y julieta cigars.  Makes me think that the manufacturer of this cigars is a big fan of Shakespeare.  And one of his favorite is the Romeo and Juliet movies just like me.  Well, who doesn’t recognized this very famous characters of Shakespeare’s creations?  I supposed all loves this movies that is why the remake of the movie was made for the people to love and remember.

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Watching movies to unwind

Lately, I am not in the mood to write.  I just do not know what to write and what to share.  I guess I need to go out and look for interesting stories and scenes that is good to share here.  However, my situation is not allowing me to do so.  So, I just settled at home and enjoy my day with the kids.  While at home, I realized that there are lots of things to share while at home.  You just have to think of what to share.  This week, what I always did was talking to my friends on Facebook.  It is fun but when they logged out, I do not have someone to talk to.

While browsing on the internet, I thought of downloading movies to watch for me to unwind.  I am searching for a good movies then download it in my computer.  Watching my favorite movies before and now for free is awesome, right?  I have eight in my list and downloaded half of it already.  I am watching the first one and enjoying the first one in my list.  It is great and good idea to unwind I can say.  Also, it is nice to watch movie alone because no one will bothers you.  So, if you feel lazy, go download your favorite movies and start watching.

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