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Too much flooding…

Some countries are suffering from too much rain that causes floods.  Many properties have been destroyed, house are vanished, lives are wasted including kids and farmers have lost their crops because of this.  It is so sad to see people are crying and in need of help because they are back to zero.  Looking at the news and seeing those affected areas makes me feel I am so blessed to not have this kind of tragedy in my family’s life.  It is not easy to see our property that we have worked to achieved especially the house for our family destroyed by floods. 

Who were to blame for too much flooding?  Some says it is the sign of the world to end.  I guess it is not.  This is the result of what we are doing to Mother Earth.  People are cutting trees in the forest for many reason.  A reason that I know is a greedy reason.  Some are doing it because it is their business.  If only they are responsible enough to know that what trees they cut it should be replaced by new one.  Planting trees to replaced the one that they logged.  They only think for their own good not for the good of many.  So sad that because of this greedy people, many have suffered.  I pray that soon this cutting trees will stopped and instead planting more trees for our safety and for the next generations sake.


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