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Early Christmas gift from my SIL

Last Sunday I went to visit my older brother and his wife in Panabo City.  The city next to our city.  I have to travel for one hour and 30 minutes to reach his place.  Even though the rain is pouring, it did not stop me from going.  I have to ask the brother a favor that is why I still go even if I am not feeling really well.  I can’t bring my two nieces with me because of the bad weather, I brought with me my neighbor.  She is close to me so approaching her if she could come with me is easy.  She said yes right away because she likes to travel and riding in a bus.

After lunch, the SIL brought us to the mall.  My brother gave me money so I could buy the favor I asked of him.  We we’re having fun strolling around, window shopping and looking for a dress that I could wear on the event I am going to attend this Christmas day.  It took me more than an hour looking and deciding for the dress to buy.  I am so thankful to my SIL because of the patience she has in me.  Not only that, she did pay the dress that I picked.  Said that it is a gift for me.  I am so happy and thankful to her.  Thank you for the early Christmas gift Ana Lou (my SIL’s name).  Also, to my brother for the money he gave me.  God bless you both!

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Valentine’s Day Present

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Back then, my older sister is my Valentine’s Day date. We went to mall, watching movie at the cinema, strolling around, or having simple dinner together. But after she got married, I never went on a date on Valentine’s Day because my favorite date got married. She has someone to date with on Valentine’s Day. Anyways, those were the things that the sister and I did during Valentine’s Day before. I missed those times very much. I wish that the sister and I will do the same thing on Valentine’s Day because it has been years since the last time we spent Valentine’s Day together.

This Valentine’s Day, I don’t expect to receive flowers, chocolate or other stuffs from someone because I am not used to receive one ever since. But to my surprise, my dearest sister gave me chocolate. I am so touched because I am not expecting that my sister will give me present. Indeed, expect the unexpected is true. Even though I do not have a date or special someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, I still got a present from my dearest sister. Thank you very much sister for the thought and the love. I love you to the moon and back!

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My sister never fails to surprise me

I admit I am a spoiled little sister. Every time I asked something for my older sister, she always grants it. She always finds a way to give me what I asked of her. Though I am expecting something from her every time I asked a favor, the sister never fails to surprise me. Yes, I am always surprised because the sister gives to me what I asked on the unpredictable day. I must say my dear sister likes to surprise me. I never forget when she done it first time. I am really surprised. It was on 19th birthday when she gave me an expensive present. I didn’t expect it really because we both studying in college and yet she did bought me an expensive item.

Just yesterday my sister gave me something that surprises me, double the surprised because I am not asking of it. Well, she said she thought of me while she is buying something for herself. My dear sister is so thoughtful and kind. I am so blessed to have a sister like her. I felt guilty sometimes because I seldom give her something, especially on her birthday. But she understands me. Prayer is more than enough to her. Again, thank you sister for the present yesterday. Love you bunch!

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My gift for mother’s day

Mother’s day is approaching.  The day that makes me a bit sad because my mother is no longer around.  I cannot kiss, hug, and say I love to her because she is now in heaven.  I envied those children who are going to spend this very special day with their mother.  Even though my mother is not around, she is always in my heart and I am forever thankful to her.  Since I cannot give her a great gift on this special day for mothers, I will be giving one to my sister instead who is now a mother of two.  Since my mother passed away, she has been a sister and a mother to me.  I am so thankful for having a sister like her.  Giving her a present on mother’s day is my way of showing my love and thankful to her for always been there for me.  I am pretty sure that she will like the present that I will be giving to her.

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Checking my list

Two more months and December will be here.  The times were people are so busy buying here and there.  Also the city and the malls/supermarkets would be so busy.  Just like what I did two years ago, I would be doing again early Christmas shopping to avoid panicking and the crowd.  I already have my Christmas wish list, but it is not yet finalize.  I have lots of things that I wanted to buy however I will just pick the ones that is more important and needed.  As usual, my wants would be the last on my list.  Family comes first.

Now that I have my list already, I am checking it again before deciding what to buy.  Seeing my list makes me want to cry because I would be cutting the list into half or maybe more.  First thing that I would do is to buy one item first for each member of the family.  The question is what item I would going to buy because the items on my list are their favorites.  I want to surprise them but I guess it is not possible since I want to buy the stuffs that they want.  I might ask them of what they would like to receive this Christmas.

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