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Ciara: No makeup On? No Worries!

Known for her head turning and alluring image on the red carpet, heavily pregnant Ciara snubbed make-up and showed everyone her bare face during the Makers Conference, an event celebrating trailblazers in California, with her husband, Russell Wilson in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

Aside from snubbing her make up during the event, the singer also ditched heels and went to the event wearing flats. That actually looks relieving! The expectant mom and artist chose to wear an off-the-shoulder velvet dress by Rhea during the event, while husband Russell Wilson hit the red carpet wearing a semi-formal outfit.

Ciara chose to embrace her natural beauty and showed us a glimpse of that with her blonde, wavy hair. She paired the dress with a pair of dusty rose pointy-toe flats that laced up her ankles.

Fans have mixed reactions to Ciara’s seemingly changed image. Some were completely shocked, knowing how glamorous Ciara can get, some were happy that she chose to go with the simple outfit while some blame the pregnancy saying that some pregnant women just don’t care about how they look anymore.

Their opinions don’t matter, as long as Ciara is happy with what she chose to wear. She gave some of us an image that no matter what happens; you don’t let others dictate what you want to do. Go with what your heart wants.

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Because I like her style

I must admit I am a big fan of Maine Mendoza.  I watched her since the day she started in Eat Bulaga up to now.  Even though many says that she is not pretty, I still like her because to me she is very pretty.  She is simple, witty and I like her dress style.  She is not the extravagant type that makes many people like and love her.  I bought her magazine, reading so much about her, love the color yellow which is her favorite, love jumper now and the kind of dress she is wearing.  I haven’t done this before.  I am so influenced by her and I am surprised because I am no longer a teenager.haha!

I am not into fashion that much but because of her I want to be updated of the dresses she is wearing on the show.  Many have followed her dress code.  That is how influential she is.  And because I like her style very much I have bought two jumpers already.LOL!  I am the happiest when I finally bought two jumpers.  This is how I am addicted of her.  Now, I am looking for the dress that she wore weeks ago.  Haven’t found yet, when I do I surely buy it for I am sure it fits to my age and me, a simple kind of person.

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Because I am a Fan

I admit, I have never been an avid fan of any local love teams before until this Phenomenal Love Team AlDub arrives.  The very first time I saw the girl, I knew she is something that is why I am digging about her life online when she first appears on television.  I saw lots of her pictures, her real name, her family, and other information online.  Her screen name is YAYADUB (Maine Mendoza), because she is the queen of dubsmash.  And they guy/actor’s name is Alden Richards.  Been in the business for five years and have established a name but not a demanding actor until the AlDub love team arrives.

Yes, I am an avid fan of this love team AlDub, been following them since then.  I have been wanting to collect magazines that they covered, but did not able to because it is always out of stock.  Yes, they are so popular that all the magazines they covered are always sold out.  But I never stop hoping that I have at least one magazine of them.  It was a dream come true last week when I went to the supermarket with my sister.  I saw a magazine of the two.  There are six pieces left, so I hurriedly grabbed one copy.  I am the happiest person that day to have my first copy of the magazine they covered.  I hope to get more magazines in the near future.  I enjoyed reading articles about them and I must say that they are cute and unique that is why many people loves them.  I am one of those people praying that they will end up together forever.

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It is best if we value the time

In every scheduled apportionment’s and meetings it is important that we should come on time.  Coming late implies that we do not value the time and we do not have word of honor.  It is not good if let say, we have to meet important client, visitors and people and we came in late.  It will create a bad reputation to us and to the company if we are working in the company.  I have several experiences before waiting for someone who did not show up and did not come on time.  It is very frustrating knowing that I come on time and waiting their for long to someone who did not value the time.  It irritates me and I end up yelling at my friend who show up very late.  And worse, she did not say sorry and did not bother to tell me what she came in late.

I pity those people who do not have word of honor.  I mean, to people who did not mean what they say. To me it is like telling yes to someone just to shut her/him up.  And people who are not sensitive enough to others.  Filipino’s are known to be this way.  Did not value time.  That is why they have the ‘Filipino time’ term.  This Filipino time means one our late from the usual time to meet.  For instance, if you are to meet a person at 8 O’clock in the morning, expect that the person will show up at 9 O’clock.  See? It is an hour late.  This is the kind of habit that I wish Filipino people should omit.  Let us be sensitive enough and learn to value the time.

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The kids in the village where I live

This week is the last week of classes both private and private schools.   The long vacation that students are waiting for.  Their time to play, enjoy the summer and have fun playing with their friends.  Also, this is the much awaited days for the graduating students from college, high school, elementary and preschool.  The streets and villages would be busy now with kids running around playing and screaming.  Like for instance, here in the village where I live, kids are screaming, shouting, running, and all the stuffs they do to make a noise annoys me.  Kids are a teaser I must say because they are making a noise on the holy hour.  Instead of them take their afternoon nap, they are outside making a noise. argsh!

This is the same issue I have complaining a year ago.  The kids are one year older and creating more noise.  I so wish that this year, out street is free from noise and that the kids will take their afternoon nap instead of making a noise outside.  Well, it is a parents factor.  If they do teach and supervised their kids they will not be pest to some villagers like me.  I just hope that the heat of the sun stops them making going outside.  I am crossing my fingers on that.


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