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Early Christmas Gift for Myself

Yesterday, I went to the mall to check on the money that a friend of mine transferred to my bank account.  I waited for the money to be in my account since Friday.  My Friday was not so fruitful because the money is not yet there.  I am glad that when I checked yesterday, it is in my account already.  I withdraw the money and send it right away to my friend.  I brought my nephews and nieces with me since I planned to treat them at their favorite fast food chain.  The treat is my early Christmas gift for them.  I treat them early because I do not know if I still have the money on Christmas day.haha!

We have our lunch at their favorite fast food chain.  It is really nice to see someone you love smiling and thankful of your simple gestures.  Well, my nephews and nieces are my treasures.  They gives so much joy to me even if they are so very hard headed and brat sometimes.LOL  After our lunch we went upstairs because I planned to buy myself a present too.  Because my watch stops working I thought of buying myself a new watch.  Buying thing/s for myself feels really nice.  Besides I deserves a reward for tiring chores at home.wink*

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I want to have one soon

There are various of changes in fashion today.  Fashion is really evolving because there are lots of person whose talent is to create a wonderful creations in the fashion world.  Clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories and many more are things that we would consider when we talk about fashion.  We have seen various of designs and styles today that will make us amaze.  Brilliant talented people are doing their best to give new styles and designs to people. One of the famous creations in the fashion world is the charm bracelet.  Why?  Because of the captivating designs, very colorful, and artistic.  The bracelet made of beads that makes this accessories elegant and trendy.  I have seen earrings, necklace and bracelets.  It is a beautiful creations I can tell.  Aside from the beautiful designs and colorful beads, this bracelet is also called charm bracelet which makes this accessories different from the other jewelry and accessories.  I so love the designs and the styles because of the different beads that they are using.  You can even pick of the beads you want for a bracelet.  It will for sure gives me lots of charms that is why I want to have one soon.

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