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Pampering myself for two days

After all the busy days, finally, I found time to relax and pamper myself.  It has been a year since the last time I have my hair done and been two years since the last time I have manicure and pedicure.   I have contacted the one you did my hair for years and have my appointment because I have attended the Christmas party of my nephew at school.  I am glad that she is available and she is coming to the city for lots of appointments.  I like to contact her because she will do home service.  I do not need to go to the salon to have my hair fixed (hair rebonding).  Also, contacted a neighbor for home service manicure and pedicure.  Hassle free and I like it.

It feels really good to have myself pampered for two days.  I feel really beautiful after the pampering session.haha!  It is good to pamper yourself sometimes.  It is a self-reward for the very busy life.  I am all set for the nephews Christmas party at school, high school reunion, ready for the nine mornings masses and ready for Christmas and new year.  Thank you to the sponsor who paid the pampering fees.wink*  Of course, I am emotionally ready for Christmas day and welcoming New Year.

How about you?  When was the last time you had yourself pampered?

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My Christmas List

As we all know Christmas is fast approaching.  It is time for us to do our Christmas list.  I have been doing this for the past three years and it is fun.  I find it funny and exciting doing Christmas list even if I am not sure if I am going to do it or buy it.  We do have lots of things that we want to buy and give during holidays but it all depends on our resources.  But even if resources are limited still we make a list just to give us an idea what is really important and our priorities.  That makes the listing fun and exciting especially after I saw how long is my list.haha!

Speaking of Christmas list, I am starting to do my list.  I have lots in my mind as usual just like last year.  I took my old list and check of the item/s there that I was not able to do and include it to my new list.  I have few that I did not able to make it happen and hopefully to do it this year.   First thing first so I won’t be confused of which I am going to do first.  It would be very difficult especially that money is very tight.  It is not good to spend more.  My list is not final yet, I am going to sort out things.  I am crossing my fingers.

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Surrendering the credit card

My sister does have three (3) credit cards.  How did it happen?? She does not know.  It was just delivered on here doorstep. Well, she applied two credits cards and it’s approved.  The third card just arrived.  She went to the bank and said it was a mistake.  Having three cards comes with big responsibilities that is why the sister surrendered the third cards since she did not applied for it.  But the agent told her to avail it for it has no annual free because first year is for free.  If she likes it after a year of using it, then that’s the time to pay for the annual fee.

The sister grabbed the one year free of charge.  After a year of using it, he decided to surrender the credit card even though she likes it because three credits cards will tempt her to shop more and might end up in huge debt.  She doesn’t want to be like others who are in huge debt because of credit card.  The sister did the right thing.  She thinks of what would happen if she has three credit cards.  Having multiple credits cards is not bad at all as long as you know your limitations, responsibilities and aware of the disadvantages.  Credit card can save you if you have an emergency and you do not have money, but do not spend beyond your means.  Do not use it if it is not necessary.  Saving it for the rainy days.

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It feels good to unwind

Rest!  Yes, I need it very badly.  I now feel the aged me.  I get tired easily.  A bit sad but that is life.  We all grow old.  Watching the kids, doing household chores, laundry and the likes are normal to me, however, I need to get lots of rest lately.  I need to have some “me time” to relax and pampering myself.  But I cannot do it anytime I want because of the responsibilities that I have.  I am single, but my life is like a married person.  Again, I am not complaining that saying it out before I explode.LOL!  Just releasing this feeling because if I don’t I will go crazy.gezzzz

Yesterday, I get the chance to go out after the chores.  I went to the mall with my sister and kids.  Yes, with the kids.  It was tiring but I am happy because I am able to unwind.  I go window shopping and eating outside.  It feels really good to unwind.  Doing it alone is not possible because of the kids.  It is fine with me for I do not like going out alone.  It would be more lonely to go at the mall alone.  Going out with someone to talk to is better than strolling around alone.  I wish to do it more often so boredom will go away.  Next stop of unwinding would be at the park.  So, kids get ready because we will be doing it more now that vacation is approaching.

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Say no to Buy-one Take-one for now

Usually I grabbed when there is buy-one take-one offer and I like the items.  Even is I do not have extra and it will ruined my budget, I do not really care as long as it makes me happy and I like what I bought.  To me, buying the things that I like is an investment.  An investment that I will treasure and will take good care because it cost me a lot from ruining my budget.haha!  Well, sometimes I am an impulsive buyer.  The thing that my sister nagged me for being like that.  I so wish to refrain myself from being so impulsive.

Just last week, there is an awesome buy-one take-one offer of mobile phone in celebration for the Valentine’s day.  The timing is so perfect since the sister is thinking of buying new phone and I want to have new one too because I am planning to give my old one to my niece.  I told the sister about it and she agreed.  I know I am being impulsive again, but I have thought of it over night and decided to say now for now.  The following day, the sister also told me that she will pass because there are lots of priorities to be considered.  We both decided not to and no regrets.  Maybe next time when we both have extra to buy new phone.  And I am so proud of myself for this decision.

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