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Manners and Etiquette

I have been observing ever since about people who are attending meetings, school programs and seminars.   I have observed that people are going here and there, and sometimes keeps on standing.  I do not know if they get bored of the speakers, not interested or just do not care at all about the topic.  I was thinking their times are wasted being there and do not paying attention.  I do not understand some people are spending time there sitting and do not understand what they are listening to.  I admit sometimes I am like that not paying attention but I do not stand up and going out and then comes back when I want.  I always think that because manners and etiquette are important.  I am being taught since I was a child by my parents and in school.   As much as possible I want to put into practice what I have learned.

The most common situation while I am attending a school program is that people are going out every time the emcee is calling the president for closing remarks.  This is the time where manners and etiquette be tested.  Attendees do not care enough to listen and let the speaker speak before going out.  Seems like they do not know that closing remarks are also part of the program.  It is so sad to know that people are insensitive sometimes.

If I were to suggest, there should be manner and etiquette seminars to be conducted for everybody.  It is a bit hard because manners and etiquette are first learned and taught at our own houses and parents are our first teachers.


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