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Making use of what is available

This week is a career guidance week at school.  There is a program at the school where students are encouraged to wear the of what they want to be when they grew up.  The nieces are confused about what they want to be because they have several in minds.  They want to become a nurse, want to take up computer related course, a teacher, flight attendant, and doctor.  They are in the middle of selecting the costume to wear.  My 11 years old niece is a bit picky, she makes sure that she will look good and her dress/costume will stand out.  While my 14 years old niece is confused about what she really wants.

Since they can’t decide yet, I give my unsolicited advice.haha!  I told them that since they do not have enough time and looking for another costume will cost a bit and no one will help them in doing it because their parents are both working.  Because to become a teacher is one of their choices, why not wear a school uniform of their aunt (my sister) who is a teacher.  My sister has lots of old school uniforms.  Instead of spending, why not make use of what is available.  I am glad that the nieces consider my suggestion.  And now they are wearing an old school uniform of their aunt.  To be picky is not applicable when you are running out of time and budget.  Good luck to the future teachers in the family.wink*

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Elderly Care at Home Care Agencies Ensures Safety and Good Health for Seniors

Caring for the elderly especially if they are sick or disabled can be arduous and burdensome. For the younger generation to do this, there can be many challenges and for this reason, many would prefer to place the elderly in home care service companies. Though for some, it can be a blow to the ego having an immediate family member taken cared by another person and not you or your siblings, but knowing the fact that when the elderly are in communities where they know that professional services is afforded to them, then you can be secure that they are in good hands. BUT, make sure that the elderly has already understood why he will be in a healthcare agency.

For elderly people who prefer to stay in home care, they can simply enjoy the company of their caregivers, meet new friends and spend the remaining days of their lives in comfort and independence. Or if family members choose to hire a private home care assistant, you are sure that there is someone to look after the senior while you are at work and living your own life. With home care services, you are assured that the senior gets to take his medications, someone prepares his meals and ensures proper nutrition, helping him in his daily living activities and in physical exercises.

Hiring someone to care for the elderly or placing in home care will mean extra expense but knowing that it will ensure the senior’s safety and health, it will not be that much of a burden.

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Does Profession Matters?

We all have taught by our parents and oldies to be patient.  And even in bible, it is said that when someone throws a stone on you, throw them back a bread.  It is very difficult to do but when we do it for love and for the love of God to us we can.  But sometimes we provoked by those people around us.  No matter how much we wanted them to understand the way they treated it, sometimes we lost our patience and fight back.  We forgot to think straight because of anger.  Later when we are calm regrets are there and even wishing we didn’t do it.
When situation like this, does profession really matter?  Is it bad to fight back when you are a teacher?  Questions in my mind that needs some answers.
This is what a friend of mine is going through now.  As much as she wanted to be friends with her colleagues some are jealous because of this gestures.  They think she is trying to be friendly.  Who knows better than herself?  Indeed, we cannot please everybody because of envy people are mean people that makes her feel she is the bad one.  Patience runs out and she bursted out that made her utter words that she wish she didn’t do.  But damaged is already done as they say.  Regrets are there, though she cannot take back what she said at least this is a lesson learned by her that no matter how bad they are to you, still keep smiling because God is always there and will never leave you.  Sometimes we forgot our profession because we are tease by some circumstances.  It is the trials that she has to take because it is part of life.  Life without trials is nothing because trials are there to help us to be strong and better person.  God bless you!


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Too early to transfer

The sister has taught grade two for five years already.  She has promoted to teacher two last year.  The flow of her career went well and she is happy of her success.  Before, she never thinks of moving to higher level but as time goes by, she thinks of moving to higher level.  Well, it is not bad to wish for something better in our career, right?  The thought of moving to higher level shared to sister to her co-teachers.  It was part of her plan in the future for it is too early to transfer for now.  She still enjoying her life teaching in grade two level.

Indeed, we do not know what is in store for us in the future because the sister told by her grade head level that she recommended my sister to the principal to take the open slot of a grade five teacher.  She is surprised because to her it is too early to transfer.  My sister is not yet ready to sit in the higher level.  Though she haven’t receive any memo from the principal about it.  She hope it won’t happen this year.  She wish it will be three years from now.  Since we do not know what the future brings to us, the sister is preparing herself for the possible transfer.  Well, if it is for her it will happen even if she is not yet ready to take the responsibilities.

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Will be meeting the dentist soon

I remember the first time that the niece meets the dentist.  She was six years old then.  She was shaking, so scared and not feel at ease after seeing the apparatus that dentist is holding.  I never thought she would be going to the dentist at very young age.  At six, the niece’s two front teeth was extracted.  She did not tell her parents about her loose front teeth.  When the SIL saw her front teeth overlapping, they decided to go to the dentist to have it extracted.  Even though she was so nervous, she was able to face her fear.  She is a brave little I can tell.

I thought the niece learned about the first dentist meet.  But she doesn’t because her molars are loosing.  It was accidentally hits the head of her younger sister while playing ( her explanation after asking her about it).  No one to blame because it was an accident.  Since it was a molar, the niece will be meeting the dentist again soon.  It has to be extracted before she will feel the pain and before classes starts.  Though she has experienced before, still she is scared and I think it is normal for a kid like her.  Hopefully her molar will extracted very soon.

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