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We’re not able to return it back

December 22, 2017, my sister-in-law bought a wrist watch for her first born.  One of the niece’s Christmas list, to have a new wristwatch.  Unfortunately, when they got home, the watch stops working.  We thought that the battery is low.  The brother opens the watch and then put the extra battery that the saleslady gave.  However, the watch still not working.  Herr father told her to bring back the wristwatch to the store where they bought it the following day.  I will be accompanying the niece because I will be going to the same mall to buy the sweatshirt that I like.  We are supposed to go early, however, I am so sleepy after the morning mass.  I told the niece to go after we took a nap.

We are ready to go at 10:00 in the morning of December 23, 2017, when the SIL called asking if we are already at the mall.  Told her we are about to go.  She then told us to cancel it because the said mall was on fire.  It was a very sad news because Christmas is approaching.  Because of what had happened, we ‘re not able to return the wristwatch back.  The niece is so sad, but good thing we did not go early to the mall.  The wristwatch is the niece’s remembrance.  Charge to experience.  We will just buy her another wristwatch.

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Be responsible when applying for home credit loan

I went to the mall a week ago to accompany my father buying his new phone.  At the store, there are lots of offer in buying the new phone.  You can buy it is cash, using the credit card and the so-called home credit.  It is my first time to hear about home credit, and my first time to hear this mode of payment.  It is nice though especially when you do not have the credit card.  You just need to have two valid id’s and pay the down payment on the phone you want to buy.  The remaining amount is payable in 6 to 9 months.  I must say I am tempted to get the phone that I like but I have my priorities.

This home credit is a temptation to people.  It is up to you if you want to grab it or stay with your priorities.  The home credit payment will be made by the participating money transfer agency or payment center.  It is nice though because if you are out of a budget, you can easily buy a phone.  But of course, you must know your responsibility when getting a home credit loan.  And you should know if you can pay the monthly obligation before applying home credit loan to avoid problems in the future.  As of now, I am still thinking if I am going to buy the phone that I like or have new washing machine instead.

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Ordering two shirts for my friends

As we all know, Christmas is fast approaching.  I am pretty sure you have already started listing down your Christmas list.  And yes, I have started mine.  I have several on my list already including the gifts I am going to give to my family and closest friends.  I plan to start shopping on the first week of December, however, two of my friends are already asking the gift that they want for Christmas.  Their wish is my command.  I guess they want an early Christmas gift because they are going to wear it on their kids Christmas party at school.

They saw the shirt that they like online and told me about it.  It is hassle-free.  I do not have to go to the department store to buy gifts for them.  I have ordered the shirts that they like and it will be delivered next week.  It is nice seeing them smiling after I ordered the shirts.  I feel great to be able to make a person happy with a simple gesture.  Hopefully, the shirts that I ordered is nice and of good quality.  Advance Merry Christmas to both of you ladies.  I hope to see both you wearing the shirts you picked one day.  Enjoy the holidays!!

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Buying new bedsheets at thrift store

My father has been asking me to buy him a new bedsheet.  He only has two bedsheets and he wants a new one.  The color of the old ones is fading that is why he wants a new one.  I have been looking for a bedsheet at the department store whenever I have the chance to go but have not found the color that he wants.  He wants a brighter color so that his room will not look so dim.  Two old bedsheets that he has is color blue, that is what he wants a new one, brighter color this time.

Since I can’t find bedsheet at the department store, I try to look for it at the thrift store.  The store that I like to go whenever I want to buy new clothes and short pants.   I have not tried to buy bedsheet at the thrifty yet.  Hopefully, my first time is a good one.   Fortunately, I found a bedsheet that my father will surely like.  I end up buying three bedsheets.  One for my father, my sister and for me.  The bedsheet that I bought for my father is color beige and the design is so manly.  I am glad that the father likes the one bought.  Also, my sister likes her yellow colored bedsheet.

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Kadayawan Festival Sale

photo not mine

People are looking forward to the Kadayawan Festival event in the city.  Aside from the activities that the city government is preparing for the people to enjoy, everyone is looking forward for the mall wide sale.  To some shoppers, Kadayawan Festival Sale is the perfect day to shop because of the different offers like huge discounts, buy-1, take-1 promo, and many others.  This is the perfect time to shop because you will buy the product at the lesser amount.  The only problem is that for sure the mall and department store is for sure a crowded place to go during this mall wide sale.

My older sister grabbed this perfect time to shop.  She went to the mall and bought some stuff like shorts for her sons, the toy car for the boys and toys for her baby girl, clothes for herself and shoes.   She enjoyed her shopping yesterday because of the great offers.  She wanted to buy more but opted not to because she has other priorities, also she does not want to ruin her budget.  Too bad she did not tell me that she went to the mall, I should have bought some for myself too.  I am happy that she did not tell me though, I might spend the money I have intended for paying my internet bill. Wink*  I guess, I will wait for the perfect time to buy new wrist watch.

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