First try of her new walker

The niece just turned six (6) months old a week ago.  Her legs is a bit strong so her mother decided to buy her a new walker.  The old walker will be put in our house since the niece will be in our house once her mother starts working.  The new walker will be in their house.  The new walker that the sister bought is nice and the color is so perfect for her princess.  The older walker is so manly because the owner is her first born, a son.  It is still in good condition but the sister wants to buy her princess a new one.  A thing that her little princess owns.wink*

The little princess had her first try of her new walker.  As you can see in the picture I shared that the niece is enjoying it.  Though she gets bored at first but now she is enjoying it.  Her mother can do more chores at home.  She will be doing chores while the niece is busy walking here and there.  But still she keeps her attention to her little princess while she is cooking, washing dishes, or folding clothes.  Indeed, the walker helps the sister and also the niece to start practice walking for her legs to be much stronger.

The timing was perfect when we bought the walker for the niece last week because it has 20% discounts.  We save some money because of the huge discounts.

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Thanks to the senior citizen privileges

My father is very sickly.  We went to his doctors to have him checked.  Yes you read it right, the father has two doctors, one is rheumatologist and one is urologist.  The doctors prescribed medicines.  The father has to take seven kinds of medicines in a day.  Five medicines as maintenance, one to take for a month and one to take for two months.  It is quiet a lot I must say.  We went to the pharmacy already.  Some medicines are affordable and some are a bit expensive.  Good thing the father is senior citizen.  He has Identification Card which we can use every time we purchase medicines and when we go to the doctor.

One of the privileges of the senior citizen is to get 20% discount in every purchase.  Praise the Lord for this because we can buy more medicines because of the discount.  Not only that, when we eat in the restaurants or fast foods, we also get 20% off.  It is really great.  I sometimes think of getting senior citizen card.  I am just kidding!Lol  Just yesterday, we went to the hospital for father’s laboratory test.  And we get big discounts because of this privilege.  This privilege is indeed a big help to the oldies/senior citizen especially when they have medicines maintenance already like my father.

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Grabbed the 20% discount

Checking the things in the kitchen has become my habit. My sister used to call me the queen in the kitchen. Yes, I am the queen because I stay most of the time at the kitchen. I am the queen, the chef, the washer and the cleaner. I am not complaining because I like to cook and prepare foods for the family. Since my mother is not around anymore, no one will take care of the family and the kitchen. I used to have my older sister as my partner but when she got married she moved out of the house. My new partner now in cooking is my older brother.

Anyways, at the kitchen I was checking the glass, plates, spoon, forks and the likes. The nine pieces glass is now two pieces and the eight pieces plates is now four, etc… I am listing it down so I can tell the brother and ask for budget since he has the money. One time, I went to the mall with sister because she is buying stuffs for her sons. While she is picking t-shirts for her sons, I went to the kitchenware area. I noticed that there is 20% discounts on the brand of the plates that I like. I sent message to my brother right away because I want to grab the 20% discount. Because we do not have budget yet, we agreed to use the credit card of my sister if want. How can she say no to her siblings? Haha! I have new 12 pieces of plates now. I have it with 20% discount.   Great buy indeed!

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Grabbed the 20% discount

One of my ‘to do’ list this year is to have shirts that has all the color in the rainbow.  It is pretty tough for me because it means spending.  I have to have extra to be able to achieve this because I have priorities to do as well like paying my bills and buying personal stuffs for myself.  I am not being vain here, just that I want to see different color of shirts in my closet.  I have already bought shirts in color green, red, yellow, white, and black.  To be honest, it took me months to buy those shirts because I have to consider my pocket.  Also, I have to make sure that I like the fabric, the style, the printing and the style of the neck.

Now, I am aiming to buy blue shirt.  I do not have it till now because I haven’t found the one I like.  I have a certain brand that I like, unfortunately I haven’t seen blue shirt on display yet.  I am waiting for them to have blue shirt.  While strolling at the mall with my sister, I saw a very nice blue colored shirt.  The fabric is nice as well.  The only problem is that is it not the kind of brand that I want to have.  But after seeing the 20% discount, I grabbed it right away.  The brand doesn’t matter anymore for me besides it is still branded so it is worth it.  The most important is the fabric is nice, I like it and I got it with the discount.  Great buy I must say!

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