It is best if we value the time

In every scheduled apportionment’s and meetings it is important that we should come on time.  Coming late implies that we do not value the time and we do not have word of honor.  It is not good if let say, we have to meet important client, visitors and people and we came in late.  It will create a bad reputation to us and to the company if we are working in the company.  I have several experiences before waiting for someone who did not show up and did not come on time.  It is very frustrating knowing that I come on time and waiting their for long to someone who did not value the time.  It irritates me and I end up yelling at my friend who show up very late.  And worse, she did not say sorry and did not bother to tell me what she came in late.

I pity those people who do not have word of honor.  I mean, to people who did not mean what they say. To me it is like telling yes to someone just to shut her/him up.  And people who are not sensitive enough to others.  Filipino’s are known to be this way.  Did not value time.  That is why they have the ‘Filipino time’ term.  This Filipino time means one our late from the usual time to meet.  For instance, if you are to meet a person at 8 O’clock in the morning, expect that the person will show up at 9 O’clock.  See? It is an hour late.  This is the kind of habit that I wish Filipino people should omit.  Let us be sensitive enough and learn to value the time.

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