Will buy belt next time

Two days ago, I bought a dress at goodwill store.  I seen this particular dress at the mall/department store.  I am tempted to buy one but with the help of my sister I am able to control my attitude of an impulsive buyer.  When I saw the same dress at goodwill store, I bought it right away even if the belt of the dress is missing.  I do not mind at all, as long as I got it at a very cheap amount.  I can buy lace or belt at the mall.  What is important is I got the dress that I like with big discount.  Indeed buying at goodwill store is more sensible to me.LOL!

I plan to buy belt or lace at the mall this weekend.  I have talked to my sister already and the timing is perfect because the sister is going to the mall to buy some things for her son at school.  However, because of the bad weather since Friday we did not  able to go to the mall.  The plan was cancelled because of the rain.  Guess, I have to wait till I bought a belt so I can wear the dress.  Argsh!  I have to extend my patience.  Hopefully weather is fine this week so I can go to mall to buy belt.  When I want to, I will share it here the dress I bought at the goodwill store.

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