Excited for the Christmas shopping

Christmas is fast approaching.  People are so busy buying new things before Christmas, buying Christmas decorations, doing early shopping to avoid shopping rush, and buying gifts for their love ones.  People are so excited and looking forward for this holiday to come because this is the day where the family are complete, doing reunion and have more bonding.  I myself is so excited the family will be complete during Christmas and New year.  Double the excitement for the family because we are celebrating the 6th birthday of my nephew on the 25th and also, the christening of my niece.  What is celebration indeed for the family.

My sister would be very busy this 25th of December I must say.  The sister is done doing the things to buy for the event.  She wanted it simple and memorable celebration.  I am helping her doing the preparation.  The Christmas shopping would be on the second week of December and I am so excited because my Christmas list too.haha!  Hopefully the celebration would be a success and that all the invited guests could come and celebrate with us.  Oh, by the ways I am one of the godparents of my pretty niece and it makes me more excited.

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Toy and candies to put in the loot bags

December 25, 2012 is the second birthday of the nephew.  The sister and I are busy preparing for the little celebration.  The sister is thinking of having a simple children’s party for the kids to enjoy, and then giving away a token of appreciation for coming and celebrating with the birthday boy.  Instead of giving a token, the sister decided to include toy inside the loot bags.  It is a good idea though because putting candies and biscuits are so common, since the kids loves to play.  We were thinking of a toy that we will going to buy and put inside the loot bags.

The candies, chocolates and biscuits are ready to put inside the loot bags.  Hopefully this week we will be able to decide of the kind of toy that we are going to buy so that the loot bags will be ready.  We have lots of things to be done but the sister is still busy with the things at school, I am helping her though with the preparation but I do not have the last decision.  I still have to wait for her approval so that no more scolding from her.  Knowing my sister, if she doesn’t like what she saw, she won’t consider it.

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Girls Talk: Birthday Wish

Birthday topic is all around here in Girls Talk meme.  After the birthday give, we now go to birthday wish which is the topic for this week.  And below is my share:

My birthday falls on the first month of the year.  Usually celebrated it with a simple dinner at the house with the family.  I wanted to be that way and I am used to that celebration ever since.  I have lots of birthday wish every year and I will name at least three on my birthday wish list.

First, I wish to always have good health as well as my family.

Second, I also wish that family will still intact and in good relations.

Third, more blessings in blogosphere for me to help my family in financial aspects in life.

These are top three in my birthday wish list.  Happy Birthday everyone!

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Shoot Me # 2 : At Birthday Party


This picture was taken a month ago when I was invited by Anne on her daugther’s birthday party.  Memorable to me because its my first time to attend a birthday party like this.  I bring my nieces with me who are a big fan of Dora the explorer.  Thanks very much friend for the invites.

Here in my country do not celebrate St. Patrick’s day, and I intended to post this photo because I am wearing green and I want to celebrate with you guys.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day. wink!

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