One down 11 to go

Oh gosh, times flies really fast now.  It seems like it was yesterday when the first month of 2012 started.  Now we are on the second month.  One down 11 to go I must say.  The first month of the year to me was a blast because I got several blessings online and offline.  I can say it that January was a blast because it is my birth month.  I got the best gift ever as always from God.  And I am thanking God for another year of my life.  The second month of the year is the love month.  The month where people especially the couples celebrates and shows love to their love ones.  I wish every one to have a happy love month together with their love ones.

The second month has just started and I can feel the same feeling I have on the first month.  This month would be a blessed as well.  I got a blessing already and still counting.  I hope all people in the world will have the positive feeling so that positive thoughts and positive outlook in life.  Let us embrace each month this year with so much love and happiness. More blessing everyone!


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Sharing of Knowledge

I never imagined that I will go this far in blogging world.  I remember when I first started; I always bugged my friend if there are things that I do not understand.  I know I have interrupted her many times but she still entertained me of my confusion.  Her patience is wide enough to teach me more.  I owe a lot to her and I am forever grateful to her.

It is a good feeling to share our knowledge and I do the same thing now.  I am sharing some things I know in blogging world.  It is indeed a good feeling to know that I am able to help in my own little way.  I have meet lots of bloggers and I am glad that they too are helping me.  We do share our little knowledge to help each other grow in this blogging world.  In my experienced, it feels great knowing that I helped someone.

To have the knowledge is a blessing and I want to share it to those who want it.  I won’t promise to give the best, but I will do my best to be of help because to help someone is what I like the most.

The more you know, the bigger the pay-off. Invest some of your time
towards education; with so many accredited online
schools, it has never been easier. Challenge yourself and get that online law degree!

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I am so blessed

I have been encountered so much pain in life.  But I am able to handle it well because I have my family with me who is always there for me through thick and thin.  They are my life and my strength.   I have stumble and fall many times already and they are always there to give me a lift.  I do share to my sister things that bother me and cause me pain.

Today is one of the painful days of my life.  I do not know what did I do wrong that make this someone hurts me so deep.  I don’t deserve this that is why I am trying to understand what makes this person hurts me many times.  I have said many things to that person but I still feel it is not enough.  Indeed a relationship that starts with lies didn’t last that long.  It is so painful to me and I needed someone to blurt it to calm me down.  I am so thankful for my friends for the comfort and to my ever-dearest sister for always lend me her shoulder.

It hurts me bad, but I never question God why me.  I just look at the bright side of it.  Thinking about it makes me realized that God did not let me fall into a wrong person.  I deserved someone better and someone who will value me as a person and will not give me even a single tear or sadness.   I do not need lies just to make me smile.

With all the tears and pain I felt inside still I am so blessed because God never leaves me empty because I have  my family and friends who loves and value me.


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Blessed to have a Brother

Because my mind is fully occupied of many things I go out of the house and locked the door without the key.  After slamming the door to locked it, I realized I forgot my umbrella.  I hurriedly open my bag and look for the key.  When I did not see the key inside my bag,  I asked myself of where did I put the key.  I remember that I put the key on the table. Arrghs, I am so old to forget things.  I want to slap my face because of what happened.

My plans on that day was canceled because I cannot go without the key.  We only have one key to our main door.  My father will surely mad at me because I forgot to bring the key.  I am waiting for my brother to be back home from a friend’s house to help me.  In times like this, I always said I am blessed to have brothers.  Luckily my younger brother arrived at around three in the afternoon.  I feel relieved after I saw my brother coming.  I told him what had happened and asked to do something to open the house for us to get the key to open the door.  Below are some pictures of what my younger brother did.  Funny is I bring the camera but forgot the

Step one..


Step two…

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