Bonding with my future sister in law

Last Saturday, I went to visit my older brother and his future wife.  It was an unplanned visit because my brother just called me if I want to come because he has something to give to my father.  I am glad because that my brother called because I wanted to go out but do not know where to go.  Good thing I do my laundry last Friday.  I am free to go plus my sister is on leave from work, so I do not have to look after her kids.  This is my time to unwind after the busy week with the kids.  Sometimes, I need my “me time” to relax and have fun going out without the kids.

I did have a nice bonding with my sister in last Saturday.  We went to the thrift store/goodwill store to buy some clothes.  Yes, the sister in law has something in common, we love going to thrift/goodwill store to shop.  The sister in law bought clothes for her ready to wear business and I bought tops for me and my sister and shorts for the oldest brother and father.  After shopping at the thrift store, we talked about their upcoming wedding.  This time, they have set a date, pick the church and the reception.  I guess I have to proceed with the things I listed as their wedding planner.haha!  Makes me so excited for their big day.  My visit them was nice because we did have a good time, good talk and bonding with brother and sister in law.  Till my next visit.

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Thanks for the shopping treat

Before our trip to the province, I went to the another city to visit my older brother also to get the money that my father asked.  I went with the nieces so they can visit their uncle too.  We arrived at lunch time.  We had lunch at their house and do  bit chit-chat with him and my soon to be sister-in-law.  Doing the chit-chat with her makes our relationship a bit closer.  We did have lots of talks and laughs as well.  She is indeed a very nice lady.  We do not intend to stay longer because I have some other stuffs to do at home before the travel.  But I was not able to come back early.

After lunch, the sister-in-law suggested to go to the nearest mall.  I did not answer right away because I do not wish to stay longer, but since it is sort of once in a life time chance because they live very far from us, I said yes in few minutes of thinking.LOL  I did not regret the sister-in-law’s invitation because she treated us.  She bought two jumpers for the nieces and two tops for me too.  I did have fun at the mall with her.  Thank you very much sister-in-law for the treat.  I really love the to tops you brought for me.  Till next time…LOL

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Playing Cards

It’s been a while since the family play cards while in the living room and watching our favorite local shows.  We used to play cards every night before, but stopped doing it on the first day of school.  It is because the brother has to sleep early to prepare foods for his kids in the morning and for their lunch.  I missed playing cards with my father and brother because I always win every time we play.  I am able to save some from the money I won playing with them.  Though I also lost, but most of the time I win.

Anyways, after months of not playing, just recently the younger brother visited us.  While watching television, the younger brother asked if we have cards because he wanted to play with us.  Because we do not have cards anymore, he went to buy cards so we could play our favorite cards game.  I enjoyed playing games with them that night and I am so happy because as usual I won again. Wohoo!  Indeed no member of the family can defeat me.  I am not saying I am very good at it, just that I am a bit lucky when I play cards.  Well, the luck is always on my side so to speak.

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Getting ready for the two days at the beach

As planned, the family celebrates the 9th wedding anniversary of the brother and SIL at the beach away from the city.  It is the first time they are going to celebrate it with the whole family and their three kids.  We are so excited as well as the kids.  We are busy packing the things that we needed of two days at the beach.  We have to bring several things especially for the kids.  As usual, I am the one who prepare things for the family and to the check things no make sure all that we needed is there.  Not new to me because I do it every time we do have family bonding outside the house.

The packing and checking of the things to bring are done and we will be going in an hour.  We are just waiting for the sister to arrived from school.  It’s just sad that the brother won’t be joining us because he chooses his girlfriend over us.  We are used to it though, just that we are hoping that he values the family but doesn’t.  Even so, we will make this event a very memorable one and an event to remember by the family.


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Girls Talk: Bonding at the Park

Bye bye April and hello May.  Another month and a brand new topic to discuss to all girls talker.  And this is my first entry for this summer month topic:


My family used to stay at home every Sunday. It is our family day and we seldom go out because we do the bonding inside the house. We were Eating, singing, and sometimes watching movies. That is how simple my family is during our family day bonding. One fine summer day, my sister suggested that we will go to park for a change. It is a brand new place for our family to do the bonding. The kids love it and enjoy their playing and running around at the park. The picture above is my nieces and nephew enjoying the wide space at the park. The best summer bonding we have. It was fun indeed and we we’re looking for another bonding at the park this summer.:-)

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