Picking dress for my sister-in-law

Last Sunday I am visiting my older bother in the city where he works and stay.  It was an hour and half travel from the city where I live.  The visit was not plan because I am afraid to travel for now because of the bomb threat but I have to go because I have something to give to him.  Also, have to get the corn grains that my father is asking.  I traveled with my two nieces because I do not want to travel alone.  It was 4 0’clock in the afternoon when we arrived.  My brother did not expecting us.  Since we arrived very late, I told the brother that we will stay and will have dinner at their house.

My sister-in-law brought us at the mall because she is planing to buy dress for she will be attending a baptismal.  She asked my help to pick a dress for her.  I smiled because I like that she asked me to pick a dress for her.  I am not worried because I used to pick dress for my older sister and nieces.  It was not a hard time for me because the SIL is not so picky not like my older sister. LOL  In less than 30 minutes buying dress for her s done.  No sweat I must say.  I like that she likes the dress that we picked for her.  She is now ready for the baptismal event.  Also, she bought dress for the nieces.  Thanks for the treat and the dinner.

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The bother is not yet home

I am planning to sleep early tonight because I am going to meet a friend tomorrow at the city.  But when the father told me to wait for my brother to arrived from work, my plan to sleep early went to trash..arghs!  The brother has an over time job at the company he works with, so I am here fully awake waiting for him to be home.  It’s almost 2 o’clock in the morning at the brother is not home yet.  I did not notice the time because I am enjoying doing my tasks online and at the same time talking to a friend online.

I am glad that my friend is still online as of this time. I have someone to talk to while doing my tasks.  Because of her I am not feel sleepy and we are going to meet tomorrow morning…haha!  I am thinking, if we meet tomorrow we are like zombies…haha   I am almost done doing my tasks online.  I hope the brother will be home soon so that I could get to sleep.  Though I am a bit worried because he is not home yet.  I pray he is safe on his way home.


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Building Construction

My brother is a construction worker and right now his colleague and him are looking for good materials that they would suggest to the owner as they a going to construct her two-story house.  They are looking durable and good quality of steel buildings that they could use to satisfy their client.  Client’s satisfaction is my brother’s priority, because if the clients are satisfied it only means another project in the future

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Blessed to have a Brother

Because my mind is fully occupied of many things I go out of the house and locked the door without the key.  After slamming the door to locked it, I realized I forgot my umbrella.  I hurriedly open my bag and look for the key.  When I did not see the key inside my bag,  I asked myself of where did I put the key.  I remember that I put the key on the table. Arrghs, I am so old to forget things.  I want to slap my face because of what happened.

My plans on that day was canceled because I cannot go without the key.  We only have one key to our main door.  My father will surely mad at me because I forgot to bring the key.  I am waiting for my brother to be back home from a friend’s house to help me.  In times like this, I always said I am blessed to have brothers.  Luckily my younger brother arrived at around three in the afternoon.  I feel relieved after I saw my brother coming.  I told him what had happened and asked to do something to open the house for us to get the key to open the door.  Below are some pictures of what my younger brother did.  Funny is I bring the camera but forgot the key.lol

Step one..


Step two…

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