Excited for Christmas Party

In two weeks, Christmas party of the kids at school and they are so excited.  The Christmas parties would be on December 14, 16 and 18.  Their parents already bought the dress to wear on the said event and that makes them so excited.haha!  The nephew who will turn five this month is so excited.  He keeps on asking us of how many days left before their Christmas party.  Also, asking of when will his mother bought his Christmas gift.  He is curious of the gift that his mother will buy for him, though he is expecting the gift he wants.  But his mother is hesitant to buy because it is not safe at his age and a bit expensive.

Hopefully their gifts will be ready this week.  They are also excited of the gifts that they will be receiving from us, though I do not have plans of buying for them this year.haha!  Just my way of saving, anyways, I can give gift anytime I want.  My mind is subject to change though but as much as possible, I won’t buy because six kids is surely costly.  I plan to give them my love for it is free and true.wink*  Anyways, good luck on your Christmas party kids, enjoy and have fun.  Hope you will like the gift you receive.

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Ready for their Christmas Party

Christmas is the much awaited event by everyone especially the kids.  It is because their mind is set for receiving gifts, party and buying new things.  This is so true because I once has this feeling when I was younger.  I still have this feeling but not the same as before, because now that I am older, I will be the one buying gifts for me and for the kids.  I am saying this because this is what I noticed from my nieces today.  They always asked me of what I am going to buy for them.  They are bothering themselves a lot of the gifts they will be receiving this holiday season.

Anyways, the kids will be having their Christmas party tomorrow.  Excited?  Yes they are very much excited, because they will be wearing their new clothes and shoes.  In fact, they keep on fitting their new clothes and shoes.  They also bugging their parents to buy the gift they will be bringing for they will have exchanging of gifts to their classmates.  They sleep early tonight, but before going to bed they are done checking the things they will bring tomorrow.  Also, they already checked for many times actually, their clothes and shoes.  I hope that the kids will have a good time tomorrow and enjoy their Christmas party.

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Facilitating the Christmas party

In less than three-weeks, the sister will be having their Christmas party at school with her students.  Just like the earlier years, I will be joining them to help her with the games and the prizes.  I don’t interfere with the program because the parents will be helping her.  But I am the one who is thinking of the games for the kids to make the party more enjoyable and exciting.  Kids love to play games so I make the program for the games to be played.   I am in-charge of the prizes and the paraphernalia’s to be used in every game and the sister will explain the rules and on how to execute the game/s.

However, this year is different because the sister is pregnant and advised to reduce standing up and getting tired, she asked me to facilitate their Christmas party program.  Nyay!  I am pressured now because I do not know how to handle a party with kids plus they don’t know me and I am not familiar with them.  I asked the sister to help me though.  I hope I am able to handle it well to make the party memorable, exciting and enjoyable for the kids.

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