What I want for Christmas

Christmas is indeed fast approaching.  I can feel the spirit of Christmas in our village, in the city and in the malls.  It is time for gift giving and receiving.  And I like the latter part…haha!  Just kidding!  I already have my list but not sure if I am able to buy it this Christmas.  I have to consider my budget, and consider saving money for the rainy days.  My nephews and nieces told me the gifts that they want to receive this Christmas.  I just give them my sweet smile.  I told him, I will try but not promise anything.  One thing that I can surely give them is my love, care and prayer.  It is for me and priceless.

Few days ago, I am surprised by my nephew.  He is asking me what I want for Christmas.  And said that he will give me a present this Christmas.  I am so touched because at his age, he thought of giving me a gift.  The nephew is six years old by the way.  I did not answer him right away because I am speechless.  Surely the nephew is sweet.  I never thought he would asked me that question at his age.  Anyways, thank you nephew for the thought.  Also, I already told him of what I want for Christmas and he run to his mother and said, Mama, Tita (aunt) want this for Christmas.haha!  We’ll see if I get what I want for Christmas.  Thank you JC!

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Christmas wish list

Christmas is fast approaching. Unlikely last year, I only have one on my Christmas wish list and that is to have myself checked. It is my top priority I must say. I think this is the best thing to put on my Christmas list this time since I am not feeling really well these past few weeks. I do not have the courage to go to the doctor yet because I am scared to know if I am sick. Instead of spending buying stuffs for me and buying gifts for love ones, it is best to take good care of my health. Because health is wealth, right?

I have thought though of giving simple presents for the family this Christmas and will start buying after my check-up. I have things on my mind already but haven’t written it down in my wish list yet. I have to wait after the check-up for me to budget everything and will decide what to buy. I have to be thrifty of spending my money this time because we do not know when we need it for emergency. I have to hold myself not to get tempt with the entire sale in the malls this Christmas.

What about you? Have you started listing things on your Christmas wish list? What is your top priority?

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Buying toys instead

As Christmas is fast approaching, I am starting to look for the kinds of toys that I am going to buy for the kids.  Well, they are expecting toys from me this Christmas just like what I did the past years.  In fact they already reminded me that they want toys as my gift/s to them.  I have not thinking of buying toys for them this year because I decided to buy clothes and some stuff that they could use at school.  However, since they want toys from me guess I have to follow what they like for if I don’t they would not like what I will give to them.  I always bought the thing/s that they want than what I want.  Besides they are the one using it not me.  So, giving what they like is right.

Since I am buying toys for them this Christmas, I have to find educational toys.  It is best to buy educational toys so they could learn something while playing.  I am pretty sure that I would have a hard time in picking the toys for them because each has different preference.  I have to make sure they will not fight over it.  I have already thought of what to buy for the girls, my problem is for the little boys.

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Checking my list

Two more months and December will be here.  The times were people are so busy buying here and there.  Also the city and the malls/supermarkets would be so busy.  Just like what I did two years ago, I would be doing again early Christmas shopping to avoid panicking and the crowd.  I already have my Christmas wish list, but it is not yet finalize.  I have lots of things that I wanted to buy however I will just pick the ones that is more important and needed.  As usual, my wants would be the last on my list.  Family comes first.

Now that I have my list already, I am checking it again before deciding what to buy.  Seeing my list makes me want to cry because I would be cutting the list into half or maybe more.  First thing that I would do is to buy one item first for each member of the family.  The question is what item I would going to buy because the items on my list are their favorites.  I want to surprise them but I guess it is not possible since I want to buy the stuffs that they want.  I might ask them of what they would like to receive this Christmas.

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Christmas Presents

My sister is so special to me.  She gave me a lot of presents since the first day she started working.  I am so blessed to have a loving and a kind of sister like her.  This year, I want to give a special christmas gifts for her this Christmas.  Since she is the one who gave Christmas presents for us, this time I want to give her for a change.  It is very for me in picking of what would be the perfect gift to buy for her because I know what she wants and like to have.

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