Last Minute Shopping

Because I do not like to shop in a very crowded mall or department store, I decided to buy personal things for myself.  I bought pants, dresses, shoes and shirt.  That is all I need for I have enough clothes in my closet.  I bought the clothes that I will be wearing on different Christmas party that I will be attending.  I refrain myself my buying too much because I opted to save than to spend.  It is good to save some for the rainy days.  I did went to mall accompanying my nieces, nephews, and sister who are doing the shopping.  I have seen lots of items with a huge discount.  I admit I got tempted to buy but thanks goodness I am able to control.

However, on the last day of the year 2016 I did not able to control myself.  It was a last minute shopping because I am looking for a color green dress or t shirt for it the color of the year.  It was never a planned.  My SIL just told me to bring her kids to the mall for she will buy green t-shirts for them.  While waiting for them I am doing window shopping too. I am surprised because I end up buying some clothes for myself.  I am being an impulsive buyer again.  So sorry!  But I did not regret it because I am contented and happy of the result of our last minute shopping.

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This will be the last time

“Promises are made to be broken”, and I am one of those person who broke the promises that I made.  But not to other though, I always broke the promises I made to myself.  I made a promise not to be an impulsive buyer, however, every time I saw a goodwill store, I can’t help myself to just passed by.  I always go inside and see what I will find.  Two weeks ago, I bought five dresses at the goodwill store and promised that it will be the last time.  But yesterday, I bought again dresses at the goodwill store with my older sister.  I am just accompanying the sister and help her picking clothes at the goodwill store but I end up buying three dresses.  My bad.  I broke my promise again! sigh*

I do not have regrets though because I really like what I bought.  Again, I made a promise and this time it is for real.  For real because I got really scared of what I saw on the news about lots of smuggled clothes confiscated from HK.  I also read about this news online and it is really scary.  I guess I have to stop buying clothes from goodwill store to avoid getting diseases because we do not know where these clothes came from and who wore it.  It is better to be safe than sorry.  It is sad because goodwill store hits in the country because lots of clothes are of good quality at a lesser price.  But health is important so this will be the last time I am buying clothes at the goodwill store.

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