New mattress for my father

My father is 70 years old.  He is sickly and has been complaining of body pain.  Before his bed does not have mattress because cannot afford to buy him mattress.  And because he is suffering from body pain every morning we decided to buy him mattress for him to sleep comfortably.  He was the happiest person seeing the mattress we bought for him.  That was five years ago, and father is 65 years old.  Five years has passed and the mattress that he is using is not in good shape anymore.  Well, the quality of the mattress that we bought is not that good because that time we though of the price more than the quality.  We have to consider our budget so to speak.

Now the father is complaining.  He told me that he will buy new mattress using his pension.  He really need a new one and he wants a good quality this time.  I look for a good quality of mattress at the mall and see if there is discount or on sale.  It is best to buy when the item is on sale and offering discount.  My timing is perfect when I went to the mall with my sister.  The kind of mattress that my father wants to buy is offering 20% discount.  I called the father and asked if he is interested.  He said yes.  Since I do not have money, we are just using the credit card of my sister.  Indeed credit card is a savior.  We just have to use it responsibly.  At the moment, the father is enjoying his new mattress.  And I am not hearing any body pain complain in the morning.

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Surrendering the credit card

My sister does have three (3) credit cards.  How did it happen?? She does not know.  It was just delivered on here doorstep. Well, she applied two credits cards and it’s approved.  The third card just arrived.  She went to the bank and said it was a mistake.  Having three cards comes with big responsibilities that is why the sister surrendered the third cards since she did not applied for it.  But the agent told her to avail it for it has no annual free because first year is for free.  If she likes it after a year of using it, then that’s the time to pay for the annual fee.

The sister grabbed the one year free of charge.  After a year of using it, he decided to surrender the credit card even though she likes it because three credits cards will tempt her to shop more and might end up in huge debt.  She doesn’t want to be like others who are in huge debt because of credit card.  The sister did the right thing.  She thinks of what would happen if she has three credit cards.  Having multiple credits cards is not bad at all as long as you know your limitations, responsibilities and aware of the disadvantages.  Credit card can save you if you have an emergency and you do not have money, but do not spend beyond your means.  Do not use it if it is not necessary.  Saving it for the rainy days.

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12 months to pay

The main reason why the sister applied for credit card is her sons.  Her sons because sometimes she is running out of milk and she has no money.  Before she will borrow money from her co-teacher or to her friends who are in lending business.  Even if she does not want to borrow money because of the high interest, she has no choice.  The sister has been doing this for three years now before she decided to apply for credit card.  But before the decision, the sister have asked opinions and views from friends who has credit card.  She applied for credit card and was granted.

The sister is glad that the credit limit is a bit high.  She can bought other things aside from her sons milk and groceries.  We went to the Mall a week ago and asked if there is promo using the credit card.  We are happy that there is promo.  If the purchased is 5,000 pesos or more, we can pay it for 12 months with 0%.  Cool, right?  The sister bought pair of pants, blouses, shoes and bags she will wear for school on their Friday attire.  Also bought some things for her sons.  The first time we shopped that we do not mind of how much we will be spending.  We are not worried because we will pay it in 12 months.  wink*

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For Emergency Purposes

Every time I heard about getting a card, I immediately say a big NO.  It is because I am afraid that I’ll be drowning in debt.  I know it has something to do with discipline but I am still scared that I will lost control and will use it over and over again even for not sensible things.  I never dream of having my own credit card until just recently.

I am in the middle of thinking to get my own credit card but for emergency purposes only.  Just recently, the family is facing bit problems in the house expenses.  I really wanted to help but I am running out of money.  They money that I am expecting is not yet come.  Makes me sad and I told myself if I have credit card I can use it right there and then.  I think this is the best time for me to get my own credit card.  But I have to be a responsible card holder and should know my limitation for me to not be on the dangerous situation.

I will get credit card strictly for emergency purposes only.  This would be it and nothing more.

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