For Emergency Purposes

Every time I heard about getting a card, I immediately say a big NO.  It is because I am afraid that I’ll be drowning in debt.  I know it has something to do with discipline but I am still scared that I will lost control and will use it over and over again even for not sensible things.  I never dream of having my own credit card until just recently.

I am in the middle of thinking to get my own credit card but for emergency purposes only.  Just recently, the family is facing bit problems in the house expenses.  I really wanted to help but I am running out of money.  They money that I am expecting is not yet come.  Makes me sad and I told myself if I have credit card I can use it right there and then.  I think this is the best time for me to get my own credit card.  But I have to be a responsible card holder and should know my limitation for me to not be on the dangerous situation.

I will get credit card strictly for emergency purposes only.  This would be it and nothing more.

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