Girls Talk: Song that makes me smile..

I have been joining this meme for months already, but this is the first time that I am posting it here.  This is my new blog and I am happy to introduce it to you people.  Please follow if you please.wink!  Song that makes me/us smile is the theme for this week.

This song titled Delilah by Tom Jones.  Yes, I admit I am into oldies because that was the songs that my father always listened and played before.  When we are having karaoke in the house, oldies songs are only available.  And this song happens to be my favorite back  As I grow older, I listened to the lyrics of this song carefully.  I then realized that this song is a sad song.  Betrayal of love and unfaithful love.  In my interpretation, I think the guy killed  I am not sure that is my understanding of the lyrics of this song and makes me smile.  Makes me smile I did like this song, sung it and my favorite.  Not anymore though.wink!

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