Back to Zumba Exercise Soon

Weight issue is not new to me.  I have been in this situation for years and counting I guess.  I have tried dieting but can’t sustain it till the end because foods are tempting me.  I can’t resist those sumptuous foods in front of me.  They are like calling me to taste them.   Though I have all the choices it is all in my mind but my love for foods always wins.  I tried several exercises in the past like Zumba, but my laziness always wins after seeing small development.  I must say I do not have that enough motivation and determination which is not good.

Well, I am not getting any younger.  For health reason I have to do something and start now to lose weight a bit.  The sister and I having small conversation last two days ago.  She is also having problems with her bulging tummy.  It is the first time I am hearing the sister complaining of gaining weight.  Well she is petite and thin, that is why she is so worried of her bulging tummy.  She wants us to start doing some exercise and I suggested the Zumba exercise.  She likes my suggestion and hopefully we can start soon.  I have to set up my mind first to do this till I get the development that I want.  Good Luck to us!

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Fruit Diet

I am looking for a way to loss weight and burns my fat without exercising because I do not have enough patience to do exercise.  Aside from it makes me more tired, it also makes me so hungry after doing it.  Honesty, I have done it and it is not working for me because I end eating a lot.  Makes me feel frustrating because I failed my goals to loss weight and burns fats.  I have done many ways already and I am happy of the result, but after months it will go back again.  Feel disappointed to always starts over and over again.  I admit I do not have self-discipline because I keep on eating.  I cannot say no to those yummy foods.  I am not aware of those little bites that I take and only to found out one day I am back to fatty me again.

I have shared this problem to a friend and she felt badly about it.  She shared to me some of her ways of losing weight and it is the fruit diet.   Told me since I love to eat and eat, instead of eating rice or bread, I should eat fruits.  Less fats, no carbohydrates and no cholesterol.  Good way to make my metabolism works fast and also helps improved my bowel movements because of the fibers from the fruit I am eating.  I hope this will work for me and see a good result.  Wishing myself the best of luck.

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For a Change

I have always wanted to lose some weight because I am sick and tired of people telling me I am fat.  Though it is true, still it hurts my feelings when I heard that word.   I am sick and tired of hearing it that is why I want to make a change and determined now to lose weight.  Since I do not have enough time to do exercise, I am looking for safe slimming pills that I could used to make the changes come into reality.  I am looking forward to see the new me.  Physically fit and in good shape.

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