What the……..!

Few days ago, I went to the mall to buy important things to bring on the vacation.  I was on the counter area waiting for the cashier to finish punching the amount of the items that I bought.  I am so shocked when the cashier told me the amount of the sunblock that I bought.  Her voice irritates me because she asked as if I cannot afford to buy such.  I am angry and her in a sarcastic way.  I saw her face turns pale when I answered her.  I did not mean to say those words but her approached does irritates me and makes me angry.  I am so discriminated I guess because of the way I look.  I asked myself, what is wrong with my attire?

What the…..! This is what I keep mentioning after paying the items that I bought.  I was shaking and wanted to scold the cashier but was able to control myself.  I felt humiliated in front of the other shoppers who are waiting for their turn.  I know that my answer is not good, but I was just giving her back the thing she give to me.  A dose of her own medicine as they say.  I just hope that it was a lesson she has to learn.  For her to not look down every shopper.  Wearing simple clothes does not mean a person cannot afford to buy expensive one.  Let us not judge the book by its cover because looks is deceiving sometimes.

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