Anti-Mange Soap for my Dog

My poor dog is suffering from skin disease for almost three months.  My dog keeps on scratching his skin and his skin turns red.  I bought sulfur soap as my friend’s suggestion but no effect.  I have been using the soap for like two months but no effect.  I guess my dog is eating the foods that trigger the itchiness.  If I have extra, I would bring the dog to the veterinary clinic, but I am on a tight budget.  I know that I am being an irresponsible dog owner, I just so wish I have extra.  I tried to do he advice from friends who have a dog though, hoping that it would help, but unfortunately, it didn’t.

I went to the grocery store the other day and find a soap that I can use for my dog’s skin disease.  I found this Anti-Mange soap.  I read everything that is written on the box and thought of tried it to my dog.  I have used the soap once and it is nice.  My dog does not scratch his skin, and the skin is not that reddish.  I so wish that this is the soap that would help my dog’s skin disease.  I am hoping for the best result.  If not, I guess it is time for me to bring my dog to the veterinary clinic.

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Guess I have to buy cage for my dog

My three months old niece, four years old and six years old is suffering from a cough.  We tried to self-medicate it.  We bought medicine over the counter and start the medication.  However, there are no signs of improvement after two weeks of medication.  We then decided to bring the kids to the doctor for proper treatment.  We know that self-medication is not right, but when you are out of budget you tried to try your luck.  Unfortunately, it did not work.  We still brought the kids to the doctor.  We end up spending double because we will buy other medicines for a cough.

Another reason for the kid’s a severe cough is from our dog.   In other words, no dog/s are allowed at home.  I do not know what I am going to do.  Just thinking of getting rid of my dog makes me feel so sad.  I thought of asking a favor from a friend if I could put my dog under her care for the time being.  I will get the dog back when the kids are getting better.  If not, I will buy a cage for my dog and put him at the back of our house.  I am really confused about what I am going to do.  But the kids’ health should come first.

Can you tell me of the best way to keep my dog away from the kids?

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