Last Minute Shopping

Because I do not like to shop in a very crowded mall or department store, I decided to buy personal things for myself.  I bought pants, dresses, shoes and shirt.  That is all I need for I have enough clothes in my closet.  I bought the clothes that I will be wearing on different Christmas party that I will be attending.  I refrain myself my buying too much because I opted to save than to spend.  It is good to save some for the rainy days.  I did went to mall accompanying my nieces, nephews, and sister who are doing the shopping.  I have seen lots of items with a huge discount.  I admit I got tempted to buy but thanks goodness I am able to control.

However, on the last day of the year 2016 I did not able to control myself.  It was a last minute shopping because I am looking for a color green dress or t shirt for it the color of the year.  It was never a planned.  My SIL just told me to bring her kids to the mall for she will buy green t-shirts for them.  While waiting for them I am doing window shopping too. I am surprised because I end up buying some clothes for myself.  I am being an impulsive buyer again.  So sorry!  But I did not regret it because I am contented and happy of the result of our last minute shopping.

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Early Christmas gift from my SIL

Last Sunday I went to visit my older brother and his wife in Panabo City.  The city next to our city.  I have to travel for one hour and 30 minutes to reach his place.  Even though the rain is pouring, it did not stop me from going.  I have to ask the brother a favor that is why I still go even if I am not feeling really well.  I can’t bring my two nieces with me because of the bad weather, I brought with me my neighbor.  She is close to me so approaching her if she could come with me is easy.  She said yes right away because she likes to travel and riding in a bus.

After lunch, the SIL brought us to the mall.  My brother gave me money so I could buy the favor I asked of him.  We we’re having fun strolling around, window shopping and looking for a dress that I could wear on the event I am going to attend this Christmas day.  It took me more than an hour looking and deciding for the dress to buy.  I am so thankful to my SIL because of the patience she has in me.  Not only that, she did pay the dress that I picked.  Said that it is a gift for me.  I am so happy and thankful to her.  Thank you for the early Christmas gift Ana Lou (my SIL’s name).  Also, to my brother for the money he gave me.  God bless you both!

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Picking dress for my sister-in-law

Last Sunday I am visiting my older bother in the city where he works and stay.  It was an hour and half travel from the city where I live.  The visit was not plan because I am afraid to travel for now because of the bomb threat but I have to go because I have something to give to him.  Also, have to get the corn grains that my father is asking.  I traveled with my two nieces because I do not want to travel alone.  It was 4 0’clock in the afternoon when we arrived.  My brother did not expecting us.  Since we arrived very late, I told the brother that we will stay and will have dinner at their house.

My sister-in-law brought us at the mall because she is planing to buy dress for she will be attending a baptismal.  She asked my help to pick a dress for her.  I smiled because I like that she asked me to pick a dress for her.  I am not worried because I used to pick dress for my older sister and nieces.  It was not a hard time for me because the SIL is not so picky not like my older sister. LOL  In less than 30 minutes buying dress for her s done.  No sweat I must say.  I like that she likes the dress that we picked for her.  She is now ready for the baptismal event.  Also, she bought dress for the nieces.  Thanks for the treat and the dinner.

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Will buy belt next time

Two days ago, I bought a dress at goodwill store.  I seen this particular dress at the mall/department store.  I am tempted to buy one but with the help of my sister I am able to control my attitude of an impulsive buyer.  When I saw the same dress at goodwill store, I bought it right away even if the belt of the dress is missing.  I do not mind at all, as long as I got it at a very cheap amount.  I can buy lace or belt at the mall.  What is important is I got the dress that I like with big discount.  Indeed buying at goodwill store is more sensible to me.LOL!

I plan to buy belt or lace at the mall this weekend.  I have talked to my sister already and the timing is perfect because the sister is going to the mall to buy some things for her son at school.  However, because of the bad weather since Friday we did not  able to go to the mall.  The plan was cancelled because of the rain.  Guess, I have to wait till I bought a belt so I can wear the dress.  Argsh!  I have to extend my patience.  Hopefully weather is fine this week so I can go to mall to buy belt.  When I want to, I will share it here the dress I bought at the goodwill store.

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Happy of my online purchase

After the disappointing first attempt of shopping online, I swear that I will not go shop online again.  It is still best to shop at the mall where you can see, touch the fabric and fit it.  But due to my busy life, I cannot go to the mall when I want to because of the obligations I have at home.  I am single but I am living like a married woman with kids because of the nieces and nephews that I have to take care too.  Again, I am not complaining just saying.haha!  Because I love what I am doing and spending time with them is the treasure that I will cherish forever.

Anyways, while I am doing my online routine, I saw a very nice dress.  I really like it and want to buy it, but thinking of the bad experienced I had, I said no.  I tried to look for the same dress in the malls, RTW stores, and department stores in the city but I have not found one.  Every time I open my laptop to do my online routine, I keep on looking on the dress that I  really like.  I am tempt to order many times but refrain myself from doing so.  Indeed, when you want to own a thing, you will everything to have it and will take a risk.  Yes, I am taking a risk.  I made an order last week and the dress arrived two days ago.  It was worth the purchase because I like the dress and it fits me.  Worth the purchase and risk.  I am happy of my online purchase this time and I guess will shop again soon.

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