I must say they have a taste

Last Sunday, we went early shopping clothes for the kids to wear on their Christmas Party at school.  We decided to do it early to avoid shopping rush and crowded malls/department stores.  It was tiring but fun shopping day with the kids because we let them pick what they like and want.  Not like the usual, we are giving them the chance to pick for their own.  I must say they have lots of things what they like and they want to buy all of them.  But of course we have to tell them that we can only buy one pair.

The girls has different taste.  And I like their sense of fashion.  The 10 years old niece picked a very nice red and white combination of dress.  The funny thing is that her sister, who is 1 years old also like the dress.  It is the first time that they both like the same dress.  Unfortunately, it does not fit to the 12 years old niece.  She angry and burst out on me.  Of course I laughed, well my normal reaction because I have been in the same situation before.  I just saw myself in her.LOL  I talked to her and tell her to look for a dress that fits to her.  Anyways, the early shopping was fun and successful.  The kids bought the dress they picked and we got home happy and smiling.

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