Checking my list

Two more months and December will be here.  The times were people are so busy buying here and there.  Also the city and the malls/supermarkets would be so busy.  Just like what I did two years ago, I would be doing again early Christmas shopping to avoid panicking and the crowd.  I already have my Christmas wish list, but it is not yet finalize.  I have lots of things that I wanted to buy however I will just pick the ones that is more important and needed.  As usual, my wants would be the last on my list.  Family comes first.

Now that I have my list already, I am checking it again before deciding what to buy.  Seeing my list makes me want to cry because I would be cutting the list into half or maybe more.  First thing that I would do is to buy one item first for each member of the family.  The question is what item I would going to buy because the items on my list are their favorites.  I want to surprise them but I guess it is not possible since I want to buy the stuffs that they want.  I might ask them of what they would like to receive this Christmas.

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Ended the summer with smiles and good memories

Today is the last day of summer.  The country will soon enters the rainy season of June.  Before the month of June sets in, I would like to share it here my summer that was ended with smiles and good memories.  I can tell that I have the best summer ever.  Though my previous summer was a memorable one for me, I just thought that this year was the best of all.  Why?  Because the family did have the summer vacation away from the city where we live.  We went to the province of the parents that celebrated the summer there with a bang.

For the first time, the family did visit the tourist spots that Bohol has.  It is a dream come true because we have dreamed to see the spots at Bohol, Philippines.   We did see the Tarsier ( the smallest primate), the chocolate hills, the Hinagdanan Cave, Phyton, the oldest Church and many more.  Wonderful and memorable, right?  I thank God for the blessings for without His blessings that family vacation will not be realized.  And also, I thank God for the safe trip we had.  We got home safely.  It is worth the vacation even if I got sick.

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