New mattress for my father

My father is 70 years old.  He is sickly and has been complaining of body pain.  Before his bed does not have mattress because cannot afford to buy him mattress.  And because he is suffering from body pain every morning we decided to buy him mattress for him to sleep comfortably.  He was the happiest person seeing the mattress we bought for him.  That was five years ago, and father is 65 years old.  Five years has passed and the mattress that he is using is not in good shape anymore.  Well, the quality of the mattress that we bought is not that good because that time we though of the price more than the quality.  We have to consider our budget so to speak.

Now the father is complaining.  He told me that he will buy new mattress using his pension.  He really need a new one and he wants a good quality this time.  I look for a good quality of mattress at the mall and see if there is discount or on sale.  It is best to buy when the item is on sale and offering discount.  My timing is perfect when I went to the mall with my sister.  The kind of mattress that my father wants to buy is offering 20% discount.  I called the father and asked if he is interested.  He said yes.  Since I do not have money, we are just using the credit card of my sister.  Indeed credit card is a savior.  We just have to use it responsibly.  At the moment, the father is enjoying his new mattress.  And I am not hearing any body pain complain in the morning.

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Looking for a new mattress

My father is 70 years old.  He is suffering from back pain and he is having some hard time sleeping especially at night because he is not comfortable with the mattress he is using right now.  It has been like five years since the time we bought the mattress he is currently using.  The mattress still looks good but the father is complaining for he is not comfortable with it.  He needs to have a new mattress that is very much comfortable to sleep in and is friendly to his back pain.  I can feel the pain the father is going through right now because I have tried sleeping in a not so comfortable mattress before and I can tell that it is a torture.

My father is complaining almost everyday when he wakes up in the morning and from having afternoon nap.  Hopefully we will be able to go to the mall to look for a better mattress for him.  I will find time since no one will accompany him.  My time is fully occupied as of the moment.  When I find time I will try to look for a nice mattress for my father.  The kind of mattress that I am using right now in my bed.  Just be patient father you will for sure have new mattress this year.  No more back pain for you and you will have comfortable sleep at night.  You will have sweet dreams every night.

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Leather shoes for my father

One afternoon, the father and I are having conversation in the terrace.  We are talking of things in the family, the kids, our life and the struggles in life.  Not the usual conversation because my father is not that vocal when it comes to family matters.  He rather keeps it than sharing it to us.  A bit shy I must say.  Anyways, while in the middle of conversation, he just said he wants to buy new leather shoes because the one he is presently wearing needs replacement.  It has been three years since the last time he bought it.  In my evaluation, I think he wants me to buy him leather shoes.  I did not bother to ask him though because I do not want him to think that I am buying one for him.

Hearing my father saying that he wants to buy leather shoes, gives me an idea of what to buy as a present for him this Christmas.  But I won’t tell him yet.  I will wait if he will buy one before Christmas so I do not have to buy leather shoes for him.  My original plan is to buy him pants and t-shirt this Christmas.  I will start buying presents for the family two weeks before Christmas because at that time, sale is everywhere and so I can get discount from purchasing.

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Something for relaxation

The father loves to stay in the terrace to relax and smells some fresh air.  The father does it very often now that he is getting older.  He wanted to relax more and see the beauty outside.  Even though he sees the same view over and over again, he does not find it boring.  He felt more relax every time he does it.  The sister and I thinking of buying him a racking chair but he does not want it.  Since he does not want a racking chair, the sister and I thought of buying him something for him to relax more while at the terrace.

While visiting a friend’s house, we saw an old lady sitting on the outdoor swings.  I thought of buying the same to put in the terrace since the father does not want a racking chair.  This outdoor swing is perfect for relaxation I can tell by just looking at the old lady sitting there.  It is more comfortable compared to racking chair.  This is perfect to put in the terrace.  Added to that, it can easily move if ever father wanted to stay at the backyard or in front of the house.  Without a doubt, we will buy the same for father.

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Step Stool for my Father

My father has been very sickly nowadays.  He finds it hard to stand up and walk even in a short distance.  I am the one who is attending him and assisting him if he wants to walk a little.  I love doing it because he is my father and I want to take good care of him, but sometimes I felt so tired assisting him because father is a bit heavy.

As my father is getting older and very sickly, I thought of buying him a medical step stool to help him out in doing the things he used to do.  He won’t feel bored anymore because he can do a little task to keep him busy while inside the house.  I would love to see my father walking around the house again.

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