Preparing for the fiesta celebration

In two weeks, our village will celebrate fiesta celebration.  And we usually have a feast to share with our invited guests, relatives, friends, neighbors and unexpected visitors.  We have been doing this for years and I am doing the preparation for years too.  The only difference is that I do not have my sister with me to help me with all the preparation.  I must say it is tiring especially on the day of the celebration because I do the cooking, cleaning the kitchen area, washing the dishes and a lot more.  Hopefully, I will get a help from my two nieces who are not 12 and 14 years old.  I really hope so.

Anyways, went to the department store last Monday to buy some things needed in the kitchen.  I bought new table cloth, new towels, and rugs.  I opted not to buy new curtain this time because of the limited budget.  I will buy new curtain next time.  I have several on my list to buy, just that I have limited resources.  I must wait for the sponsor so I can proceed to buy the needed for the fiesta.  I have also listed the menu to prepare for the celebration, the desserts, and fruits to put on the table.  I have less than two weeks to finish it, I do hope I have the power to finish it all before our fiesta celebration on September 9, 2017.

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Things to buy this month

September 12 is the fiesta celebration in our village.  We have some feast at home, invited relatives, friends and neighbors.  We do it every year because we wanted to share the blessings we received from above.  We have two weeks to prepare of what foods we are going to cook, people to invites, budget the money we have, clean the house and checking the things we need to buy at home specifically in the kitchen.  Thinking about the things we need to do before the day of the fiesta makes me tired but worth the tiredness because I get to see people that is close to my heart.

Anyways, I have already checked that I need to buy before the fiesta and I must say it is quiet a lot.  I have it on my list now and it is ready to show it to my brother for  Yes, I need to verify it to him since he will be the one who will give me the money.  I need to seek his approval first.  My list is subject to changed but it is okay because I put mark on the priority things.  Unfortunately, almost all them has marks.haha!  I hope that the brother will agree to the things in my list that I need to buy.  Good luck to my brother and to my shopping list.

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