Migrating to Canada

Few months from now my friend and her family will be migrating to Canada.  I am happy for her because her dream will soon come true and at the same time sad because I will be missing her.  Though we can still see each other if we are chatting, still talking for real is different.  She might be living on the other side of the world but the friendship will always be there.  As of now, they are just waiting for their visa and then they are on their way to Canada.  How I wish I’ll be lucky enough even just to visit other country for once.

Part of their preparation is to buy some clothes, shoes, bags, and a lot more to bring to Canada.  They are like starting from scratch because they will not bring all of their clothes.  They need new stuffs to be exact.  While they are busy preparing things here in the Philippines, her cousin is also busy renovating the place they will going to stay.  Since the renovations is on going, I might as well tell my friend about the renovations Toront for the renovation job.  It would be best to hire someone to do the job for they are more knowledgeable when it comes to fixing and renovating the homes.  After the renovation, it is right to do a little home improvement and that the home improvements Toronto will do their part.  I am pretty sure that the friend’s home will be a nice place to stay.  They will surely call it a home sweet home.

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Visiting an old friend

I do value my friends.  They are part of my journey in life.  They added more spices and happiness in my life aside from my family.  Every time I missed a friend, I visited her at her house.  I want to surprise her that is why I did not tell her.  I will just knock on her door.  Seeing a friend’s face every time I made a surprise visit is fun.  Fun because she is like speechless and do not know what to do.  One day when I visited her few months after her wedding day, I am surprised because she now like living in vain.  I can tell that she is living like a queen in her own abode.  She has nice house, nice car, and nice life I bet.  I am not envy, just stating the fact of how nice my friend’s life now after getting married.  Added to that she has very nice garage.  Her garage is like her the living room because she puts on a very nice garage flooring. Makes her garage more lively because of the colorful floor tiles she puts on.  If ever I have my own car one day, I would love to puts on the tiles that a friend has to make my garage lovely to look at.

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Convinced by a friend

Ever since I have the passion to write.  I usually spend my leisure time writing poems and short stories.  This is how I spend my time especially if I am bored.  I have made more than ten poems back then when I stopped doing it.  I just lost the enthusiasm of doing it.  It is because my time is fully occupied by the projects and paper works at school.  My passion to write stops for a while even if I already finished my studies.  My mind stops to works because I am hooked with other things.

One day, a friend of mine came to visit me at home.  We were talking about our life, jobs and family when she suddenly mentioned about blogging.  She told me since I love to write, why not create a website of my own and write in there the things that I wanted to say and share.  I kinda like the idea of doing it since I am always at home and most of the time facing the computer.  Hearing her telling me the opportunities she got after creating a website convinced me to try it once.  I created a website and transferred in there the poems I wrote and a little teaser of the short stories I made.  I started with just one website at first but because I have lots of opinions, thoughts and views to share, I created another one and another one.  I end  up having  more than one blog and I am loving it.  My passion to write come alive because of a friend who convinced me to try it once.


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Business Proposal

It is my biggest dream to put up a business of my own.  I do not have enough capital that is why my dream is still a dream up to now.  I am still hoping though that one day I would make this dream come into reality.  I am crossing my business for it and I am praying and doing my hardest to get it.  I am doing it for my family.  I want to help them in financial aspects that are why I want to make this dream happen soon.

Just this afternoon, a friend of mine is offering a business proposal.  She wants us to be partners in business.  It is a dry goods business.  I would be the one doing the selling and she would be the one who will buy products to sell.  I am so excited but thinking that times are hard right now, I think it is not a good timing to put up a business.  A big risk we have to take because of the economic situation.  I didn’t say yes right away, I just told my friend that I will think about it.  It is a good opportunity to grab but the timing is not that good.  I hope that we will find a way on how to make the business be a successful one in the future.

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She is now a teacher

Just now I am talking to my long time friend Ada of Single Mother on the go about classroom decorations.  Yes, she is now a teacher.  I am so happy for her newfound career aside from being an online tutor.  Blessings are coming on her way now because she is a good person, daughter, friend, sister and of course a loving and caring mother to her son.  I admire her for being so religious.  With all the hardships in life she is able to overcome it and fight for it.  A very strong woman I must say.

To your newfound career my dear friend, I wish you all the best in life and pray for more blessings to come in your life and of course good health to you and your family.  I wish and pray that someday the man of your dreams will come and will give the happiness that you are looking for.  Miss you my friend and hope to see you soon. 🙂

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