Thanks for the gift certificate

Last month, the sister got five gift certificates in the certain fast foods.  She planned to treat the kids there because it is the kids’ favorite place.  I guess you know what fast food I am talking about.  The plan was not able to push through because the sister celebrated their Christmas in the province of her husband, and the older brother and I, have to travel to Bohol.  I must say that December 2013 was a busy month for the family.  The sister and her family came back home on the 27th of December.  Still did not able to treat the kids because I was not home yet.

The Christmas treat for the kids made possible last Sunday.  Because it was a rainy day, we decided not bring the kids with us.  We just told the kids that we will be buying their favorites at the certain fast foods.  After buying the things the sister needs for her son’s first birthday, we dine together in the certain fast foods and buying the kids favorites using the gift certificates.  It was a cold but sumptuous Sunday for the kids.  Thanks Jollibee for the gift certificates.  Indeed, gift certificate is awesome.  Hope to receive the same next Christmas.*wink

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