What I want for Christmas

Christmas is indeed fast approaching.  I can feel the spirit of Christmas in our village, in the city and in the malls.  It is time for gift giving and receiving.  And I like the latter part…haha!  Just kidding!  I already have my list but not sure if I am able to buy it this Christmas.  I have to consider my budget, and consider saving money for the rainy days.  My nephews and nieces told me the gifts that they want to receive this Christmas.  I just give them my sweet smile.  I told him, I will try but not promise anything.  One thing that I can surely give them is my love, care and prayer.  It is for me and priceless.

Few days ago, I am surprised by my nephew.  He is asking me what I want for Christmas.  And said that he will give me a present this Christmas.  I am so touched because at his age, he thought of giving me a gift.  The nephew is six years old by the way.  I did not answer him right away because I am speechless.  Surely the nephew is sweet.  I never thought he would asked me that question at his age.  Anyways, thank you nephew for the thought.  Also, I already told him of what I want for Christmas and he run to his mother and said, Mama, Tita (aunt) want this for Christmas.haha!  We’ll see if I get what I want for Christmas.  Thank you JC!

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Excited to buy the birthday present for myself

Because I am out of budget last month, I did not able to buy something for myself as a gift.  I did promise to give myself a birthday present even if it is too late.  I thought of buying the pants that I saw when I went to the mall with my sister.  It was on sale at the time I saw it and I hope that it is still on sale and available.  I am not expecting that it is still though because it has been two week since I saw it.  If it is not available then I will look for other pants.  However, I am still hoping that it is still available as well as the size for me.

My kind friend gave me a birthday gift.  She told me to buy something for myself.  The timing is so perfect since I wanted to buy myself a late birthday present.  I am so happy and surprised.  I am planning to buy a pants and t-shirt from the money she gave to me.  Nyay! I will go to the mall this weekend for sure and do a little shopping.  Also, will go to my favorite fast food chain and eat my favorite value meal.  Thanks to the generous sponsor.

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Great Gifts for Cooks

When you need to give a gift to a friend who loves to cook it can be a delight to seek out fun and different items like cutlery accessories and specialty kitchen gadgets. Often times there are things that any cook would love to have but they’ve not gotten around to buying them or they can’t justify a self purchase but would be thrilled to receive something as a gift. Something like a Guy Fieri® knife or cutlery set is a good example – they’ve probably watched this celebrity chef on television and would really enjoy a chance to try out something actually designed and endorsed by him.

Another fantastic gift for anyone who cooks is a Kapoosh® knife storage system. You have probably seen many knife blocks but never one quite like this. The problem with most knife blocks is that they feature a fixed number of size-specific slots which may or may not accommodate a cooks preferred knives. With a Kapoosh® knife block you can store any size or shape of knife any way you’d like. The knife block is actually more like a box filled with plastic rods which resemble blades of grass. Slide the knife, poultry shears or sharpening rod into the box and pull it out when you next need it – the sharp edges are always protected. The plastic rod insert is dishwasher safe so you need never worry about dirt, dust or food crumbs lodging in the unit as often happens with conventional knife blocks.

Another great gift for anyone who loves to cook is a specialty salt or pepper assortment. Salt is an incredibly diverse resource and there are many unique and unusual varieties that a good cook can use to build an entire meal around.

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My unique gift

The brother will be celebrating his 36th birthday in a few weeks.  When his special day come, I always bought and underwear presents for him.  I am glad that he really loves my presents for him.  This year, he is again expecting an underwear presents from me.  I have given him different styles and colors of underwear already.  And this year I think of buying a unique underwear.   The one that is new to his eyes and something that he would surely love.   The first time I saw this camo lingerie I said wow!  I have found what I am looking for.  The designs are unique and awesome.  This would be the perfect gift for my brother.  A unique and one of a kind.

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Girls Talk: Best Birthday Gift

It’s Thursday and it is time for us girls to do the talking.  This week’s topic is Best Birthday Gift ever received.  I haven’t receive much gifts ever since because I am silent type of a person when it comes to my birthday.  Only my family greets me and those close friends.  There is only one person who never fails to give me a birthday gift and that is my sister.  She started giving me gifts when we were in college.  My sister’s way of giving gifts is in a surprise way.  She just put the gift beside me.  A lovely surprise I must say, to see a gift first thing in the morning.  I can say that all the gifts I have ever received from my loving sister were the best.  Big or small it was all the best.wink!

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