This will be the last time

“Promises are made to be broken”, and I am one of those person who broke the promises that I made.  But not to other though, I always broke the promises I made to myself.  I made a promise not to be an impulsive buyer, however, every time I saw a goodwill store, I can’t help myself to just passed by.  I always go inside and see what I will find.  Two weeks ago, I bought five dresses at the goodwill store and promised that it will be the last time.  But yesterday, I bought again dresses at the goodwill store with my older sister.  I am just accompanying the sister and help her picking clothes at the goodwill store but I end up buying three dresses.  My bad.  I broke my promise again! sigh*

I do not have regrets though because I really like what I bought.  Again, I made a promise and this time it is for real.  For real because I got really scared of what I saw on the news about lots of smuggled clothes confiscated from HK.  I also read about this news online and it is really scary.  I guess I have to stop buying clothes from goodwill store to avoid getting diseases because we do not know where these clothes came from and who wore it.  It is better to be safe than sorry.  It is sad because goodwill store hits in the country because lots of clothes are of good quality at a lesser price.  But health is important so this will be the last time I am buying clothes at the goodwill store.

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Bought dresses at goodwill store

Oh yeah, my addiction of shopping at goodwill store strikes again.  Even though I told myself not to buy anymore because I have enough clothes in my closet but I cannot help myself to drop by every time I saw a goodwill store.  I am on my way on fetching the nephew at the school when I decided to drop by at the goodwill store since I arrived early.  Instead of waiting outside the classroom of my nephew, I went to the goodwill store.  The dresses on display is really nice and I so like it.  I am an impulsive buyer and trying my best to control it.

However, my addiction on buying clothes/dresses at the goodwill store wins.  I end up buying five dresses at goodwill store.  I hate myself because it really ruins my budget, but seeing the dresses I bought made me smile.  I actually bought four dresses and the owner gave me one as a bonus.  How is that?  This is the reason I really like buying at goodwill store.  Aside from prices are very affordable, you can get discount bu haggling or even get a bonus item just like what I have.  Indeed, goodwill store is a place for me.

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Will buy belt next time

Two days ago, I bought a dress at goodwill store.  I seen this particular dress at the mall/department store.  I am tempted to buy one but with the help of my sister I am able to control my attitude of an impulsive buyer.  When I saw the same dress at goodwill store, I bought it right away even if the belt of the dress is missing.  I do not mind at all, as long as I got it at a very cheap amount.  I can buy lace or belt at the mall.  What is important is I got the dress that I like with big discount.  Indeed buying at goodwill store is more sensible to me.LOL!

I plan to buy belt or lace at the mall this weekend.  I have talked to my sister already and the timing is perfect because the sister is going to the mall to buy some things for her son at school.  However, because of the bad weather since Friday we did not  able to go to the mall.  The plan was cancelled because of the rain.  Guess, I have to wait till I bought a belt so I can wear the dress.  Argsh!  I have to extend my patience.  Hopefully weather is fine this week so I can go to mall to buy belt.  When I want to, I will share it here the dress I bought at the goodwill store.

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I did’nt realize until I arrived home

Few weeks ago I went to goodwill store with my sister to buy some tops and pillow case. I always prefer shopping at goodwill store because it is very affordable plus. I can say it is a budget friendly store. There are lots of tops on display and it is 3 for 100 pesos. Great deals, right? Also I can save some from buying at goodwill store. The amount tempt me to buy lots of tops, however, I have to stick to my plan of buying 6 tops only. I have to hold my being an impulsive buyer because my money is budgeted.

My shopping at goodwill was nice. I have bought very nice tops. The fabric is very nice as well. The funny thing is when I arrived at home and unpacked the tops I noticed that four of the tops are colored black. How come I did not see it earlier? Well, it is because I focused on the style that I like and the kind of the fabric. The color is out of my concern that time. I do not have any regrets at all because I do like the tops. The next I will go to goodwill store, I will avoid buying color black.

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Cheap swimsuit at goodwill store

The summer outing of the family is approaching, but until now I haven’t bought a swimsuit yet. I went to the nearest mall but the amount of the one that I like is too high. I cannot afford to buy an expensive one because I won’t be using it more often. I still have two swimsuits in my closet though, however, I do not feel like using it this year. Makes me wonder why these stuffs are expensive which in fact it is too Well, just a wild thought.

I am sort of losing hope but then again, I remember I am the queen of the goodwill store. I did not realize it early. I should have not wasting my time roaming around the malls to find cheap swimsuit. I have to make a schedule to go to the goodwill store to look for nice and cheap swimsuit. But a friend (my neighbour) visits me the other day and brought the swimsuits that she bought at goodwill store when she went to the city. She thinks of me while at goodwill so she bought three kinds. The swimsuits are very cheap so she bought three pieces. She let me pick the one I like and give one to me. I am so happy because I do not have to spend money to buy swimsuit because a friend give me one. Thanks to my friend for the free swimsuit.

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