How did it start?

It started when I was still in high school.  Every time I get bored from listening to my teacher, I write every thing that comes into my mind.   Mostly I write about how boring the teacher is, and the class.  Once my teacher caught me not listening.  She came near to me and asked me what I am doing.  I said, ” I was writing something because I am bored”.  That is how frank I am.  I am glad that my teacher did not get mad.  She just turned around and continues the class.  The following day, our school guidance counselor calls me and said to meet her in the office.  Oh well, I got what I

From then on I started to write in my leisure time.  When I see something new to me I write something about it but in a poem way.  I have made several poems back then.  Sad to say I cannot locate it anymore because I just put it somewhere. sigh!  My passion to write develops when I was in college because plenty of topics to write about.  I feel relieved after writing what I’ve wanted to say. As you can see I am still writing till now and will be doing it for longer time.

My first love is to write because I felt the passion of doing it.  And this how it is started.

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