Guess I have to buy cage for my dog

My three months old niece, four years old and six years old is suffering from a cough.  We tried to self-medicate it.  We bought medicine over the counter and start the medication.  However, there are no signs of improvement after two weeks of medication.  We then decided to bring the kids to the doctor for proper treatment.  We know that self-medication is not right, but when you are out of budget you tried to try your luck.  Unfortunately, it did not work.  We still brought the kids to the doctor.  We end up spending double because we will buy other medicines for a cough.

Another reason for the kid’s a severe cough is from our dog.   In other words, no dog/s are allowed at home.  I do not know what I am going to do.  Just thinking of getting rid of my dog makes me feel so sad.  I thought of asking a favor from a friend if I could put my dog under her care for the time being.  I will get the dog back when the kids are getting better.  If not, I will buy a cage for my dog and put him at the back of our house.  I am really confused about what I am going to do.  But the kids’ health should come first.

Can you tell me of the best way to keep my dog away from the kids?

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It feels good to unwind

Rest!  Yes, I need it very badly.  I now feel the aged me.  I get tired easily.  A bit sad but that is life.  We all grow old.  Watching the kids, doing household chores, laundry and the likes are normal to me, however, I need to get lots of rest lately.  I need to have some “me time” to relax and pampering myself.  But I cannot do it anytime I want because of the responsibilities that I have.  I am single, but my life is like a married person.  Again, I am not complaining that saying it out before I explode.LOL!  Just releasing this feeling because if I don’t I will go crazy.gezzzz

Yesterday, I get the chance to go out after the chores.  I went to the mall with my sister and kids.  Yes, with the kids.  It was tiring but I am happy because I am able to unwind.  I go window shopping and eating outside.  It feels really good to unwind.  Doing it alone is not possible because of the kids.  It is fine with me for I do not like going out alone.  It would be more lonely to go at the mall alone.  Going out with someone to talk to is better than strolling around alone.  I wish to do it more often so boredom will go away.  Next stop of unwinding would be at the park.  So, kids get ready because we will be doing it more now that vacation is approaching.

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Excited for Christmas Party

In two weeks, Christmas party of the kids at school and they are so excited.  The Christmas parties would be on December 14, 16 and 18.  Their parents already bought the dress to wear on the said event and that makes them so excited.haha!  The nephew who will turn five this month is so excited.  He keeps on asking us of how many days left before their Christmas party.  Also, asking of when will his mother bought his Christmas gift.  He is curious of the gift that his mother will buy for him, though he is expecting the gift he wants.  But his mother is hesitant to buy because it is not safe at his age and a bit expensive.

Hopefully their gifts will be ready this week.  They are also excited of the gifts that they will be receiving from us, though I do not have plans of buying for them this year.haha!  Just my way of saving, anyways, I can give gift anytime I want.  My mind is subject to change though but as much as possible, I won’t buy because six kids is surely costly.  I plan to give them my love for it is free and true.wink*  Anyways, good luck on your Christmas party kids, enjoy and have fun.  Hope you will like the gift you receive.

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Buying with kids is no fun

Back when they were little, I like bringing them to the mall to have fun.  I just leave them at the play house to enjoy while I am buying groceries and other stuffs.  But now that they grow, I do not like to go out with them.  I do not think it is still fun to bring them with me because bringing them with me means more expenses to incurred.  They like to buy everything they saw at the mall especially foods.  When I do not buy what they like, I will be expecting a crying environment.  And the worse is that, they do care who sees them. Arghs!

Few days ago, I accompany them to the mall to buy their school requirements.  Their parents are both working, so I do not have any choice but to accompany them.  At first it was fun seeing them picking their requirements especially notebook because they get excited of the covers.  After we are done buying the school requirements, the war started.  The three of them are pointing the foods they like, the toys they want, and etc.  I feel like my head is going to explode listening to them.  Because we do not have budgets for those wants, I stick to my “NO” answer.  I am used to their cries so it doesn’t affect at that much.haha!

The next time, I swear to not bring them with me because it is no fun to have them with me when I am buying.  whew!

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Buying toys instead

As Christmas is fast approaching, I am starting to look for the kinds of toys that I am going to buy for the kids.  Well, they are expecting toys from me this Christmas just like what I did the past years.  In fact they already reminded me that they want toys as my gift/s to them.  I have not thinking of buying toys for them this year because I decided to buy clothes and some stuff that they could use at school.  However, since they want toys from me guess I have to follow what they like for if I don’t they would not like what I will give to them.  I always bought the thing/s that they want than what I want.  Besides they are the one using it not me.  So, giving what they like is right.

Since I am buying toys for them this Christmas, I have to find educational toys.  It is best to buy educational toys so they could learn something while playing.  I am pretty sure that I would have a hard time in picking the toys for them because each has different preference.  I have to make sure they will not fight over it.  I have already thought of what to buy for the girls, my problem is for the little boys.

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