The nephew reminded me of the promise I made

Okay, this is the continuation of my previous post about being forgetful. The nephew and I are walking on the street on our way to the area where the jeepney (public vehicles) area. I am walking straight holding the nephew’s hand when he asked if I will go back to the store where I fitted leggings. I am shocked, really. I forgot that I promised to come back the following day to buy the leggings. I forgot to bring my wallet then when I went to the store. So I told the attendant that I will be back the following day.

It was my nephew who remembered while we are walking. My goodness, the senior moment strikes at me again. Anyways, we went back to the store where I fitted the leggings. The moment we entered at the store, the attendant smiled at me. I guess he remembers me. He took the leggings that I have fitted and give it to me and paid at the cashier. Thanks to my nephew who reminded me of the promise I made to the attendant. Well, the nephew is five years old, so his memory is very clear. I already washed the leggings and I am excited to wear it.

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