It is best if we value the time

In every scheduled apportionment’s and meetings it is important that we should come on time.  Coming late implies that we do not value the time and we do not have word of honor.  It is not good if let say, we have to meet important client, visitors and people and we came in late.  It will create a bad reputation to us and to the company if we are working in the company.  I have several experiences before waiting for someone who did not show up and did not come on time.  It is very frustrating knowing that I come on time and waiting their for long to someone who did not value the time.  It irritates me and I end up yelling at my friend who show up very late.  And worse, she did not say sorry and did not bother to tell me what she came in late.

I pity those people who do not have word of honor.  I mean, to people who did not mean what they say. To me it is like telling yes to someone just to shut her/him up.  And people who are not sensitive enough to others.  Filipino’s are known to be this way.  Did not value time.  That is why they have the ‘Filipino time’ term.  This Filipino time means one our late from the usual time to meet.  For instance, if you are to meet a person at 8 O’clock in the morning, expect that the person will show up at 9 O’clock.  See? It is an hour late.  This is the kind of habit that I wish Filipino people should omit.  Let us be sensitive enough and learn to value the time.

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Incident at the beach

Last Easter Sunday the family and I went to beach to celebrate the birthday of the father and at the same time celebrating Easter Sunday.  The beach was so crowded that time.  There are lots of people celebrating Easter Sunday at the beach.  It is fun watching the kids playing with sands, water and the waves.  Simple things that makes little ones smiles.  While everyone is enjoying and having fun, there was a man carrying an unconscious little girl.  Everyone at the beach was shocked to see unexpected incidents.  I was not paying attention about it, but when a mother cried out loud, we noticed that there is serious incidents happens.

The supposed to be fun day, turns out a tragic day for the family of the little girl.  There are individuals who knows first aid trying their best to revive the little girl.  I was there watching the girl and the rescuers doing their best to save the life of the little girl.  When the little girl respond, they quickly called 911 to bring the little girl to the nearest hospital.  I saw in my own two eyes how sad pitiable the condition of the little girl.  When the 911 arrives, people are feel relieve but the ambiance at the beach is not the same because of the tragic incident.

Reporters arrives and doing their reports.  I so wanted to know if the little girl is fine so I watched morning local news the following day.  I felt really sad after hearing the news.  The little girl did not able to survive.  I am sad to know that precious little life is wasted.  I say wasted because her mother neglected her while enjoying the day at the beach.  If only the mother pays more attention to her daughter, the incident would have been avoided.  Lesson that parents and adults should learn.  We should pay attentions to little ones especially if we are having fun at the beach.  May the soul of the little girl rest in peace.

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Free from the Pain

After the successful operation lasts Saturday, the cousin is free from the pain she felt few days ago.  Though her condition is not good, at least she is now spare from pain.  She is in the process of recovering now and we hope she will recover soon so that she can do the same things she does before.  Though it’s not the same as before, at least she can stand up and walk slowly.

She has been through a lot of pain in her life since the say she got married.  But she was able to overcome it all for the sake of her kids.  I can say that she is strong enough to raise her kids without the moral and spiritual support from her husband.   She is a fighter and as much as possible she doesn’t want to cry because she wants to show to her kids that she is strong and she can handle all things well.  But her condition right now, she felt weak and she did cry for it.  First time I saw her crying and breaks my heart.  She cried for her kids because she felt she is a burden, cried because her husband doesn’t show he cares and cried because she felt helpless.

We cheer her up and supported here all the way to show to her that there are many of us who cares for her.  We pray for her early recovery and that pain will goes away permanently to her more time to spend with her kids and live the happy life she ever dreamed.

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Plan Everything

In life, we dreamed to have better life, dream of a greener pasture and aiming for a better future.  It is free to dream and so it is for us to do our part how to make it come true.  It is difficult sometimes because there are various of obstacles that we have to overcome before we get to the finish line and experience the beauty of making our dream come true.  Things would never be easy because test will come our way, but our determination and willingness will bring us to the top.

To make our dream come true, we needed to plan everything.  Planning is indeed a good way to start to keep us on the right track.  Planning composed of what we are going to do, how we are going to do it and know a ways if ever our plan won’t come on the way we wanted it.  This is what I have learned as I am observing people who want to venture in another field of their life.  Seeing them fail and frustrated makes me so sad because they have given their best just that it is not the right time yet.  But good thing is they have this ability to not give up and continue doing it in different approach.  The best key to survive and succeed is, don’t quit and keep moving.

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Waiting in Vain

I grew up with the thought from my late mother that ‘ Patience is a Virtue’.  That there is time for everything and time will come that all that we wanted and prayed for will be given to us.  That is how I remembered my late dear mother.  I sometimes lost patience but thinking about my mother I tried to strengthen it as far as I could. 

When it comes to patience, it will be measured when we are in love.  The love for someone special.  Someone that brings happiness and smiles on our faces aside from our family.  It needs a lot of patience especially if that someone whom we love is far away from us.  Various reasons why they are far away.  Promises are being made and sweared.  Because of the love and what we feel to them someone, we opted to wait at them to come.  That is what I am doing right now and I am pretty sure other girls do the same as well.  Nothing wrong with that because we are matured enough to think and decide what we wanted in our life.  If you think that it is worth the wait, go on and hold on for happiness will be given to you.  I remembered a friend once uttered, ‘if you want it claim it’.  These words make me and her holding on and praying for.

With all the patience and sacrifices of waiting, I hope and pray that we are not waiting in vain.  God bless us all!


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