Suicide….(is not the solution)

Life is the greatest gift that God has given to us all.  It is a wonderful journey that we take each day of our lives.  Hardships are there to test on how far we could go battling the mystery of life.  If we look at it in a positive way, hardships are the sweetest thing that ever happened in our life because hardships makes us stronger and wiser.  Success is the reward after conquering the hardships.  We have given the freedom to choose on how we are going to live our life. 

With all the actions and decisions we made in our life, we should know that we are responsible for it.  We should also know that whatever is the outcome of our decisions we should not blame others because it is us who decides.  We can choose if we will be on the good side or in the bad side.  Failure is a part of life to make us learned lessons not to do the same mistakes again.  Failure can lead us to where we want to go to what we want to be.  So sad that others failed to realize the beauty of life.   They opted to end the life that God has given to them.  Failure is a challenge to accomplish.  Gives us the chance to make it better in a different approach.  To end the life is never a solution and wont be a solution at all.  Keep going with life for after the dark tunnel there is the brightest light that offering and promise a better tomorrow for all us.  Do not lost hope for God will never leave alone and never leave us empty handed.


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