Toy and candies to put in the loot bags

December 25, 2012 is the second birthday of the nephew.  The sister and I are busy preparing for the little celebration.  The sister is thinking of having a simple children’s party for the kids to enjoy, and then giving away a token of appreciation for coming and celebrating with the birthday boy.  Instead of giving a token, the sister decided to include toy inside the loot bags.  It is a good idea though because putting candies and biscuits are so common, since the kids loves to play.  We were thinking of a toy that we will going to buy and put inside the loot bags.

The candies, chocolates and biscuits are ready to put inside the loot bags.  Hopefully this week we will be able to decide of the kind of toy that we are going to buy so that the loot bags will be ready.  We have lots of things to be done but the sister is still busy with the things at school, I am helping her though with the preparation but I do not have the last decision.  I still have to wait for her approval so that no more scolding from her.  Knowing my sister, if she doesn’t like what she saw, she won’t consider it.

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